when iv lost my mind part 2 (the haunting)

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this is part two of my short story. its what happened after memrobillias murder spree,how she eventually dies and lastely....Derrick Ill probely add a small section for this to show before the murder spree how Derrick fell in love with memroblilla and memrobillias bullying.

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012




My name is memrobillia

My favorite color is black

I love classical music

And on the night of a blood red moon

I murdered five people and my mother

Andthese arethe days of my haunted soul

After I had murdered my tormentors,I ran home and never looked back. I knew I had to run away,to hide from the cops, but first I had to clean offall the blood I had accumulated. I ran into my home only to run into my mom. She stared at me wide eyed and terrified,and I panicked. I drew my knife and stabbed her forehead. Her blood gushedout and sprayed me. I ran up to the shower leaving my knife in her head. Jumping into the shower,I turned it to steaming and sat there and cried. I cried for my mother who I had just murdered with my own hands,I cried for the damnation of my soul,and I cried for the future of hiding I would do that was looming ahead as soon asI stepped out of my house.I watched the red blood drain down the drain.Thinking out loud I said, "there's no turning back billia,there's no turning back"

I stepped out of the shower,still dressed in my clothes. Walking down the strairs and towards the front door I pulledmy knife out of my mothers head,took all the money I could find,and left the house. I ran to my neighbors and stolea forgotten bike from their yard. I had peddled so far and for so long that when I stopped for a rest the sun had come up.


Mr.Joseph stared at me from across the table,puzzlement crossing his face.

"So your her? He said almost amused.

"yes" He laughed loudly.

"You? A-a kid?" He smiled wide.I stared back at him calmy. "So your serously a hit man,how old are you? twelve? You have to be kidding me" Now I was seriously getting annoyed.

"Excuse me sir but I'm fourteen,and you came here for a reason didn't you?"

"Yeah,well... can I trust you?"

"You wouldn't have come here if you didn't" I replied. Derrick stared atme from the corner of the room,I payed him no mind.

"Alright I want you to kill my wife, Carrie Fitspatrick." He looked like he thought I would say no.

"how much?"

"ten thousand" cheepsake.

"you would kill anyone for money wouldn't you?' Derrick said,he always butts in during my meetings.I chose to ignore him,can't argue in front of a customer.

"Thirty thousand"

"Jesus,you cost quite a lot"

"well its also for keeping this meeting a secret,so do we have a deal?" I asked.

"Yes" We shake hands and the money exchanges. Derrick scoffs in disgust,like he knows anything it was his own fault that he died. I watch him walk out the door and then begin to read carries information sheet. Seems like I'll have a chance tonite she's going to be all alone at home,perfect.

"Your a fool billia"

"Don't call me that" I walk over to him.

"what going to kill me again?" I pause and look at him. You really don't understand why do you?

"What do you mean,I was only teasing you. It wasn't full blown bullying,everyone else decided to go along with it." He smiles at me,the stupid jerk. Honestly I don't know why he won't just go away,I don't really mind if he's here but lately he's been extremely annoying.

"It was your fault,and you know it,everyone followed you"I whispered.Thisis so stupid I don't want to remember it. "Im leaving"

"Why,can't stand being around me?"

"No I just hate the reek of this place,I need to go home"

"Can I come with you" I roll my eyes.
"Of course not, you know I'm not gonna let you near me while I'm sleeping." Probably would kill me,well mabye don't know if ghosts can kill.


"bye" I walked out of the old broken building towards my cheep hotel.


I waited outside her home on the sidewalk watching her she was taking out her groceries. It was show time,

"ahhhhhh" I screamed. She looked up and ran over to me.

"oh my god,are you okay? do you need a docter.

"its so painful please just take me inside,anywhere but outside." I pleaded looking up at her with painfilled eyes.

"alright,you come right inside." she carried my dead weight to the threshhold of her home and threw me onto the couch."would you like some water"

"No, im fine,thank you"

"im just gonna get my phone,if you have anyone to call and pick you up that is"

"yes I do thank you very much" she ran upstairs and I hopped up from the couch and made my way to the kitchen. I opened the drawer and took out a kitchen knife and ran back to the living room.

"Hello billia" Derrick was right there sitting on the couch.I pretened not to panic.

"Hello,what brings you here" why was he here,why is here!!!

"why indeed?" I satnext to him and hid my hand under a pillow.

"why did you come? Do you really want to watch me work" I hear footsteps on the stairs and hid in a corner.
"ma'am? excuse me where are you?" she came to the edge of my corner I raised my knife and striked. "ahhhhhh" she screamed,the blood poured onto the carpet i moved my hand away didnt want any blood on me. Soon I pulled the knife out of her and walked out the front door.

"Why are you running away?" Derrick asked.

"Umm pretty obvious,I don't want to get caught by any neighbors or police."

"why would you care, your going to die soon anyway"


"Nothing" I knew it! he is going to kill me.


I'm afriad,im actually afraid.Is he going to kill me tonite,tomorrow, when? I roll over for the umpteenth time that night. Well at leaat he doesn't know where I sleep,at least I think he doesnt. I lost him earlier when i was running through the crowds in the city.Yeah he doesnt know where I am.I finnaly feel calm enough to fall asleep,so warm and pleasnt.

Im running,running in complete darkness,theres no forward no backward, im all alone. Then I hear a voice "Billia,billia,wake up,run away,do something!" come on billia" I stop and run towards the voice. "ahhhhh" I scream. theres something in my cheast,and it hurts,it hurts so much.

I wake up and open my eyes,theres a tall figure standing over me,I regignize it almost instantly.

"Mr.Johnson?" I mumble,blinking when he turns on the light. I start to cough and spew blood all over myself as he just stares at me.

"sorry about this,can't have any one to rat me out about my wife" my eyes roll around wildly as I look for a phone,there on my dresser. I reachfor it andMr. Jonson moves forward,I stare as he slowly takes It away from me and walks out of the room. I sit up and try to walk, Istumble,the wound in my chest bleeding profusly. I hear a sigh from the corner of my bedroom.

"who's there?" I whisper.

"It's me Memrobillia,it's Derrick"

"why are you here." He probely came to laugh at me.

"come here billia"


"just come here" I stumble over to him, thinking about trying to leave. I stand beside him and lean against the wall.

"Want a closer look at my wound?" I mumbled taking my hand away from the gushing wound. I looked up at him expecting him to be silently laughing at me while I bled to death,just like I had done at him,but he wasn't laughing or smiling.His eyes were sad and looked as if he'd break into tears. He leans towards me and places his arms aorund me to hold me up,I didn't think even ghosts could hold someone up."Just let me go Derrick,I killed you remeber."

"And I told you I loved you,and that I would never forgive you" Oh yeah,he did say that didn't he. "Biliia when I said that I meant it,and I will gladely enter hell with you just to be with you for all eternity." what a load of crap,I know he just wants me to die already.

"Derrick,I know that you don't love me,you don't have to lie,after all the killing I'v done evenI wouldn't love me." I looked into to his eyes and pushed myself away. "I'v gotta go,got some dying to do and I'd rathermy body be found easly instead of just rotting in my room." He looked at me with disbeleif in his eyes. I pulled me back to him. "let me go"

"No" I looked up suprised by the sterness in his voice. "I will never let you go,ever" He bent down his head to mine and kissed me,just like what I had done when I had killed him.

"you know what?"


"I'v decided that I don't really hate you anymore,sorry I killed you." He almost laughed but lost his expression of joy when he looked at my face. I was going to die in a minute or so,so I guess this is it. My life amounted to this. Just a fourteen year old murder with the ghost of a boy who fell in love with her,dying in a motel room,wow what a life. I smile and laugh and choke up blood. "So this is it huh?" I say to Derrick.

"guess so" We were silent for a moment until I said,

"hey Derrick"


"do you think if we pray,we might not go to hell?"

"could happen"

"Let's pray for forgivness"

"alright" I put my hands together and prayed for the first time in a year.When I was finished I slid down the wall slowely. Everything is getting so fuzzy.



"I'm tired,I think im going to sleep now." He sniffed.

"Okay,you just go to sleep now,and when you wake up ill be here,and billia"


"Sorry for everything,you were right,it was me that caused your bullies to harass you" I smiled and shook my head at him.

"sorry for killing you,I think I really likeyou,you know" I mumbled whimsacly,He laughed.

"you can sleep now" I closed my eyes and let the darkness overcome me. Mabye I would go to heaven,probley not.



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