Dear Mr. President

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I remain inclined and rooted in the ideology of communism. A free society that enjoys financial and spiritual freedom.

Submitted: May 01, 2014

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Submitted: May 01, 2014



Dear Mr. Jacob Zuma,

I write to you with great unyielding respect and a profound admiration of you as a person and a President of the state. You defied the odds and redefined the history of RSA, ANC and humanity. The first President without scholastic decorations.

I categorically point out few elements and facts which have immensely influenced my life direct or indirect. As a citizen of a free world and a democratic country, I believe it is my human right to bring to your attention and give feedback to the party and the head of the party thereof. I seek only constructive feedback, unbiased and respectful approach when I unravel what seems as areas of development for my beloved ANC and its leadership.

Firstly, Mr. President I want you to know that my vote will go to ANC on the 7th. Secondly, I need your undivided attention on the following subjects which have left me with scepticism in your leadership approach.

A) Prior to your appointment as the President of the state, you were faced with a predicament dilemma of a rape case. As a fair man who has an average understand of law and fair justice, I didn't pass any judgement. You did however entertained me with your comic answer about taking the shower after having unprotected sex with someone who was HIV positive. To me the elements of pressure and human error proved to be the cause of your bizarre response. Irrespective of mass media character crucifixion, I stood by you.

B) Once again it became clear to me that your degree of mathematical cognitive was wanting and below average. As a leader of economical vibrant state I was worried for a moment that your mathematical ignorance will bring back slavery without you seeing. I then remembered that you don't sing alone, the choir is made up of other NEC Comrades of whom I have high respect and trust in their mathematical understanding. I decided to let go.

C) With prior acknowledgement and understanding that sums present a mammoth task to you Mr. President, I also could not find you guilty with regards to the Nkandla saga. Someone is responsible but not you. Your responsibilities as the President of the state far supersedes this issue. Worse comes to worse, if found guilty your homestead can be turned to a museum to recover the costs. It's water under the bridge, money has been already been lost. I still stood by you.

The last two points Mr. President will prove beyond reasonable doubt that irrespective of the fact that ANC will be gaining my vote again this time around however I disapprove, disagree and refute that you are the best candidate in the ANC structures to stand as a country.

1) To date, the Marikana saga remains unresolved. I have no power or qualification to determine who is guilty and responsible for the slaughter of my fellow citizens but I firmly believe that your admin has the intelligence, financial muscle and brains to resolve this matter. These sequences of events triggered familiar atrocities of the past which ANC and others fought against. I could not fathom or believe that you Sir you are actual a hypocrite leader and inhuman. Nonetheless black on black violence left defenceless fellow citizen vulnerable to a situation which robbed them their lives. Mr. President, I will like to offer you my humble apologises, I will not let this one go, even if my decision leads to my death.

2) The second dilemma left me with rather confusion more than disappointment. You opted for what I define as an elephant. The toll system introduced in Gauteng Highways, remains criminal, unjust and unjustifiable. It will be wrong for me to insult you as my President but your response on toll was delinquent and displayed an element of being retarded. Once again, the power that was bestowed on you by us became a weapon of betrayal. You ruthlessly decided to undermine our liberty, freedom and democratic rights to disapprove your foreign, unworthy, useless and scavenger unconventional uncouth project. Above all, your lack of respect left me speechless. Your uneducated minimum and lack of attention to details caused pain to the society that is battling financial. Once again your mathematical area of development became apparent. I questioned your integrity, leadership and sanity Mr. President.

If defying the odds is your talent Mr. President, I doubt very much that you will complete the next term in the office Sir, your errors are too much to ignore and avoid. Learning from history sometimes helps, if you remember that your Cde Thabo Mbeki made his first crucial mistake by applying his advanced literate mind and embarrassing us on an international stage on the issue of betrude vs HIV. He once again undermined the same rules which defined ANC and decided to pursue a third term in the office. The repercussions of his decisions and actions will remain famously synonymous with the effects of atomic bombs that hit Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

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