An Open Letter to the White Church of America

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Sometimes I find it hard to find true connections between the Bible and American Christianity.

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Dear W.C.A and any of your affiliates

Who wear popped-collars and crucifixes

As a symbol of

National pride

I would like to bring something

To your attention

Jesus wasn’t a Republican

He didn’t drive a Mercedes

Play golf

Or make polite chit chat

About the Obama health care system

Jesus was a litigious leather tramp

A revolutionary

Who hung out with gangsters and courtesans

Who rambled on about an all-loving Father God

Who cleansed the lepers

And shared sandwiches with the homeless

Jesus was a free-loving hippie

Living off the Lord and the land

Jesus didn’t cast stones

Only miracles

He didn’t hate the helpless

The hopeless

The heathens

The homosexuals

The hookers

Or the harassers

Jesus didn’t hate anyone

Except the legalistic ‘liaisons to God’

Who branded the Bible into people’s


And sat in judgment on the rest of the world

Sound familiar?

Newsflash guys:

Jesus wasn’t American

Hell, He wasn’t even white

So next time you think WWJD?

Remember that Jesus may live in all of


But He



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