Dollar Menu

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A poem for those times when it seems better to live under a rock than deal with society for a minute longer.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011





I went to my local library

To visit the stacks

And realized that instead of words

The books were choked with cash

Literary lions replaced with corporate giants

Littered with the idea

Of American bureaucracy

Our sacred stronghold of silence

Under siege from right-wing violence


The panacea of capitalist societies

Slap a couple of Alexander Hamilton’s

Over the nation’s barely beating heart

Call it post-traumatic retail therapy

Patch the spider-webbing poverty

With a mortar

Made of morals and dollar bills

And a thin varnish of rhetoric

Hey dude

My compassion for my fellow man’s

Sashed in a tax haven in the Cayman Islands

Here’s a quarter I found in my pocket

Have a nice life

A Country built on more green

Than the Emerald City

On St. Patrick’s day

Call me color blind

But all America makes me see

Is red

© Copyright 2019 MC Damm. All rights reserved.

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