Divorce Decree

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My heart is breaking and this is my plea.

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011



I understand your worry,

If things are wrong or right.

You doubt your own actions,

Keeping your heart locked tight.


Your feelings are conflicted,

Head and heart a mess.

Just try to stay with me,

Let go of all your stress.


You show your tender heart,

Times few and far between.

Those are when you're vulnerable,

And need a friend to lean.


Don't worry about the outcome,

Enjoy life's greatest ride.

Know that how you're living,

Is a man's greatest pride.


You're surrunded by your loved ones,

Who hold you strong and dear.

Seldom do the answers,

Ever appear so clear.


I'm not ready to let go yet,

My heart tells me hang on.

I have faith in our love dear,

We know that it is strong.


Don't overthink the choices,

Let your heart decide.

Know that I am here,

Steady by your side.

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