The letter of time

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A letter from a man from the future tells us whats happening

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011




The year is 2111. The date is the 24th  of December, 2111 and I have sent this letter back to you exactly 100 years from the flash. If you read this before 1.24pm hide. If not then survive. What you have witnessed or are about to witness is the turning point in humanity that no one expected. My name is Major Ben Grant and my job protect the last stronghold on the eastern seaboard. The sky is black, the air infected with death, the face of my friends scarred  with loss and fear. Humanity as we know it is falling and our belief - the one thing that keeps us alive - is dieing. We sleep in a room with no windows and one door, we eat in a room rigged to blow if they breach the walls, we talk in a land were noise gets you killed.
Every night I hear them. They scrape along the walls to make an acute sound to keep you awake, the sound cuts through your eardrum and slithers about covering every crack in your ear. They taunt us with their noises : the banging of their heads against the walls, the crunching of bones as they devour one of my brothers, the howl of their leader rallying the troops. This… this is what is breaking us were ready to die but it’s the torture of the knowing that when we fall our children our wives are next.
Who ever reads this letter must use It someway even if it is for selfish reasons, we need all the help we can get even if it is one more able body. 
When the flash occurs stay indoors a lot of people made the mistake of being curious, - one of humanities many faults - they were gone within 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes run. Run to more people and wait : get supplies, get friendships - cause god your going to need them -, get rest. People will come for you, they will help you and you will help them. 
If your scared don’t worry the drive to get humanity back will soon rip fear out of you. They took earth in less than a week, they took our future in less than a day and they took humanity than less than hour.
To all who reads this letter we will not give up we will fight for you, our families our friends for as long as needed. We will fight until the last breath of air is beaten out of us, we will protect the people until a bullet pierces our hearts. We are the hope for the future and we will… we cannot fail.
Your hope
Major Ben Grant

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