A Bird with One Wing (The completed version)

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This is a children's bedtime story

There was a bird called Tim

who had nearly everything,

he had two eyes, a beak, a nose

but, only had one wing.


So, Tim he could not fly

not far, not near, not high.

He skipped, he hopped, he tippleti topped

and softly this song would sigh:


'Oh my, oh my, oh my,

how I wish that I could fly,

I'd fly to the south and way to the north

I'd fly to the west, the most easterly spot,

I'd fly up tall treest, leap into the air

of cats and of dogs I would never be scared'


Well under a leaf just by Tim

whimpered this stange looking thing:

'Is that a wish while you sighed?

for if so I can sort out your whim'


'You mean you can teach me to fly

way up into the deep blue sky,

to visit my friends, Uncle Starling, Auntie Wren,

 and never ever in lonelyness cry?'


'Yes' said the strange looking thing

'yes' to this small bird called Tim

'I will teach you to fly

go way up in the sky


you have only one wing'


Tim's eyes twinkled like stars

for the thought seemed so far

'how could this strange looking thing

make me fly with only one wing?


Now, 'What on earth is he doing?' thought Tim

as he stared at this strange looking thing,

the thing, he cut grass, he picked twigs in his path,

he proded, he pulled, he knitted with wood,

he tied knots with some straw,

not a blip, not a flaw.


Dust rose high from the groung,

leaves flew up round and round,

Knocking sounds from the mirk,

all the tools in the dirt.

And soon strange looking thing rose triumphant with his work.


Tim was amazed just to see

for he knew that soon he'd be free

to fly up to the sky, way up high, way up high

his small heart was soon filled with such glee.


Now 'look here' called his friend SLT

you will fly with this wing made by me

It was tall it was wide, would this great thing just glide.

Could Tim fly it with eaze through the vast maze of trees

would he fall or collide, would he fly through the sky.


Tim thanked this strange looking thing

then proceeded to put on this wing

he looked up at the sky through small tears in his eyes

and flew off with a magical grin.


He flew, he flew, he flew

his pride just grew and grew.

The sky so blue, so blue

it simply felt untrue.


Soon, the clouds they looked like snow

just lying there, so far below

no land could now be seen

as Tim fulfilled his dream.


But, Tim he did not know

the sun's great fires would glow.

They glowed and glowed and glowed

and soon ended poor Tim's show.


He fell and fell so fast

Tim saw his whole life flash.

The wing on fire just cumbled

Tim knew that he would crash!


And so.......


There was a bird called Tim

who only had one eye

He only had one wing

and, he definitely would not fly.



Submitted: July 16, 2007

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