Am I alone

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In responce to 'Who is racist' by Thelameone

Above, a beautiful mass of wilderness left behind. Giant trees crawling into emptiness, tall waterfalls scattered here and there clapping vigorously at the efforts of nature. The world untouched, filled with mysterious sounds of yet undiscovered creatures. A great hole, like a dead man's eye peered out of the ground on an empty clearing where nothing seemed to grow. It seemed to go down for miles, bottomless, dark and empty. Over it's crest light fought and endless battle with the dark below, the sounds of the wilderness trapped just inside bouncing desperately around its cold walls , fearfully trying to escape the abyss. Further in the weak remaining rays which had battled through finally give in and die. Darkness rules. The screeching sounds will eventually seem like distant memories and only the trickleling of water like tear drops rolling down an old wrinkled face filled with scars of life's continuous struggle, will slip down the rocky sides in uneven lines sentenced to the darkness. Soft green moss covered the rock face, so soft and inviting and soon all life seemed extinct.

Down, way down below, maybe the bottom if it has an end to it...empty whispers

Bedelia: Am I alone. Hello, is anyone here with me. Am I alone

A shuffle in the dark as the words crumbled and all hope lost, then a breath is taken

Adigun: No, no I hear you, I hear you

Bedelia: Where are we, how did we get here?

Adigun: I don't know, I tremble with fear. I awoke and found the darkness, I don't even know if my eyes are opened or closed, if I am dead or alive, I don't know, I don't know.

Bedelia : Oh no, don't cry, you sound so near and yet so far, what is your name?

Adigun: Aren't you scared girl? Aren't you scared?

Bedelia: My fear is lost in the dark, my body trembles and my skin is cold, I do not feel, am I dead.?

Adigun: No, if you are dead then so must I be too. Help, Help, somebody help us!!

(But only the words seemed able to escape, desperately clawing their way up and up to freedom.)

Bedelia: What is your name?

Adigun: I am Adigun,

Bedelia: My name is Bedelia. Why are we here, can you remember?

Adigun:Not really, not much, can you?

Bedelia: Not much, some men, angry, I think... I am so cold, Adigun, I don't think I have long left

Adigun: NO, NO, Bedelia come we will find each other and survive together

Bedelia: I am scared Adigun, I fear if a move away from this rock I will fall further, what is in front of me, I don't know, I can't let go

Adigun: Listen to me Bedelia, I am scared too, I am hanging on to this rock for my dear life, but I think it is time to try, we must try and join together and make it through this, I am sure we can, I am sure someone will come, someone will help but we must stick together, we have no choice, we are alone in this dark hole

Bedelia: Ok...ok Adigun

Adigun: Good girl Bedelia, now we will keep close to the wall and walk towards each other, follow the sound of my voice, but, Bedelia, do not stray away from the wall, we will meet somewhere, eventually, I am sure.

Bedelia:Adigun I am shuffling slowly, my hands caressing the cold stone. It is soft isn't is, and funny shapes roll between my fingers, the rocks feel like faces, many faces. I can pretend they are people, millions of people watching so that I am not so scared, so that I am not so alone.

Adigun: I can feel the shapes too, Bedelia, it is so funny, I can imagine this is a nose, a big nose, this, this stone could look like my mother, hey Bedelia this must be a beautiful place in the light with all these soft smooth rocks and their unrevealing shapes. Your giggles are so welcomed in this empty darkness, I feel your energy, we will make it through you know, we will.

Bedelia: Keep talking Adigun we must be getting close now, I think I can feel the warmth of your body now, we must be getting close, we must.... is this you?

Adigun: Is this you? Your skin is even softer than I could imagine, I run my fingers through your hair, it tangles gently around my hands, you are so cold to touch Bedelia but your touch still warms me, warms me.

Bedelia: Yours touch is strong Adigun, your hands are big and rugged, I feel your rough skin and it comforts me, hey, you are so tall, I feel safe. Your warmth is overwhelming I feel like a piece of chocolate held by a distracted child, as I melt in his hands. Hold me Adigun, hold me tight.

Adigun: I will hold you girl, I will warm you, we shall share our life to survive this death, we shall survive.

Bedelia: Oh, Adigun, how long have I been asleep?

Adigun: I don't know, it seems a long time, but what is time down here, how can we know how long long is, how long have we been here, I don't know. Are you feeling better now Bedelia?

Bedelia: Much better, much better, did you get some sleep?

Adigun: I don't think so, I keep wondering why, why we are here, who were those men who put us in here, it seems so long ago

Bedelia: I remember men too, horrible men, powerful men, they were searching, searching for what...more power

Adigun: Yes, that is right, its all coming back to me now, they came from over the seas to my beautiful land, they pillaged our gold, our diamonds and our brothers and sisters, took them away to serve. Yes, our gold now adorns their kings and queens and makes their people richer while ours remain broken. My father, his father, his father's father. Why, why?

Bedelia: I remember those men too, they left our land bravely in search for power and fortune. They left us behind but promised to return. They did so, many years after with unimaginable riches. They brought us men and women from afar to serve us, we thought is was great, for a while, then it was not so great anymore, then when you saw this people were like us, the suffering, the pain they endured, the loneliness. Then, we fought, fought against our own, killed our own for their right to freedom, their right to live. My mother, her mother, her mother's mother.

Adigun: But why are we here then, you and me, why? I farm my little piece of land, I grow beautiful bananas which would light up this dark hole anyday, why am I suddenly here?.

Bedelia: And me Adigun, I live by the sea with my dog, I sing and write and I play the most beautiful tunes on my piano, why am I here?

Adigun: We seem to be trapped together in this deep black hole, is it because of what they did, is it them that put us in here

Bedelia: Adigun? Hold me tight, hold for I fear I am taking my last breaths, I can hardly speak now, I will never leave this blackness, Adigun when you are free, take me with you, take my lifeless body out of this place, please do not leave me behind, lie me in the warm sun, may I hear the birds sing again and the wind caress my dead body, take me with you Adigun and live, live for both of us. Do not hate my people for what our forefather did. You and only you can get out of this deep dark hole... climb Adigun, climb and don't look back only forward or the darkness will suck you back in , climb Adigun climb.


Adigun climbs now, it is a long way up, it will take time, but he climbs never looking back, soon he will break through into the battlefield where light meets dark, where sound is trapped, soon he will reach the ancient forest the clawing trees the clapping waterfalls. He carries Bedelia on his back as he promised, he knows she is gone, he wants her back...climb Adigun climb. He tumbles over the crest, holds Bedelia's cold body....

Am I alone...

Submitted: April 10, 2007

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John Wanjora

This is nice.

Tue, April 10th, 2007 4:22pm


thanks John, I hope you understood it, I am not sure many people have. It is all a metaphore of people who live angry with what our forefather's have done.The dark hole is our hatred,why are they in it when they didn't do anything. The world is as it is because of what leader's do and have done, thinking they are leading their people but in actuality the majority would not follow. It is quite a sad world considering it is our only one.

Tue, April 10th, 2007 2:28pm

the Lame One

Well McCherly, you have said it as it was and as it should be seen. My forebears were never slaves but somehow you were able to arouse something akin to a scene inside the belly of a slave ship. you my friend is a very gifted writer and i pray your talent be used for the good of all of us..Sorry i couldn't find time earlier to read this as well as i wanted to..i hope others see the need to write a rejoiner to this great effort of yours.keep writing bother for the war will be half won by words.I 'll keep you in check...YAGAZIE

Sun, May 13th, 2007 5:33am


hi The Lame One, I have been so busy, unable to write anything recently. To have such a comment from you is incredibly flattering as I also love your writting and believe not many have your degree of talent. I was worried I was not painting the message clearly but glad to hear I succeeded somewhat. I am watching your work - love it. G

Sun, May 20th, 2007 1:07pm

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