This New Life

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This is a creative non-fiction story about my new job, and ultimately my new life. Thanks for reading.

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



Child’s Play

I couldn’t be more excited. Walking into a new job, new people, and a new life. This center would now be my place of happiness, warmth, and craziness. A teacher’s aide at a daycare center was my new job. This job was long awaited seeing as I was doing the typical “burger flipping” at a near by drive thru. How much better could things be getting to play with children all day? To me this sounded great. I want to do more with my life and I think I’m on the right path now.

That Monday morning I walked into the daycare center. This time not only to drop of my four-year-old son but also to start my first day of work. It was such a nice atmosphere, people were smiling and everyone said “Hi” to each other. This was definitely a step up. As I walked into my first classroom I was going to be an aide in, I was greeted with little footsteps, screaming, crying, and being pulled in different directions. There was a child who wanted to draw pictures that looked like scribbles, but they were really his family. Someone who wanted to put silly putty into a toy cookie monster and makes him eat it, and others were screaming for things I could not understand. It was a tough job but one that I wanted to do. Ask I asked the teachers in charge questions about each child, amongst the screaming of one child taking another’s toy, I realized they had a calling for this job. It made them happy and it was rewarding.

Now the question for me was, is this my calling? Would I be able to handle this everyday and go home to my own child and it not be overwhelming? I will admit the first two days were rough. I am used to dealing with my son at home. I thought one was difficult at times, now I am put in a situation where I am taking care of ten kids and I was overwhelmed. I went home thinking, oh my gosh, I’m not sure I can do this. I gave it my all however and returned the next day ready and prepared to face the challenges of working at a daycare. I realized that I had to find time, even if it was five minutes to spend with each child. I needed to learn each one’s personality so that I could better understand them.

One child is quiet and will normally play off in the corner, another loves the attention he gets from taking toys from his friends. These were the kids, that after just a week of working at the center I have grown to truly care about. I am so happy to walk into their class and see each one of them. They are a joy and are each precious in their own ways. To some people, the days of hair pulling, biting, pushing, kicking, and screaming sound quite difficult but to me this is my new job. This job makes me happy. Those children that sometimes make me want to take a break, or pull my hair out mean something to me now. I am their caregiver and they feel safe with me. Having joy from ten little souls each day is a great experience.

So for now I will continue on this new path, still not really knowing if it was meant for me, but trying something new and something that makes me happy. The director at the school said she believed this is where I should be. That she felt it in her heart. That is amazing to hear and maybe she sees it before I do. I’m just ecstatic to see where this road takes me and to watch these great children grow.

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