Making a difference starting today

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making a change in the lives of many

Bring a smile to someones day

Always love and respect all mothers

Tell someone you love them

Women, take care of your man and be what he needs

Open your heart to possibilities

Men, take care of your families and accept responsibility

Be spontaneous

Don't sweat the small stuff at work

Embrace life and it's goodness

Always love unconditionally even if not given will recieve it in time

Be appreciative for all that you have

Cars, money, jewelry, and other things in this world isn't worth sacrificing love

Always be honest

Forgive and keep going

Do something that will help someone in need

Be committed to just one man / woman

Volunteer and mean it

Be good to your children because at the end they decide on your fate

Live life to the fullest and not take it for granted

Wouldn't you want to have lived a life that you were proud of because of how you treated othersand the ways you impacted the livesof many?

That is absolutely my goal andmy way of living each day. Make the best of it and live to make a difference...

Submitted: April 30, 2010

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