Tips For Facebooking On The Job

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This article gives tips for employees who wish to navigate the social networking website, Facebook while on working hours. Tips of how to hide Facebook usage from an employer.

Submitted: February 28, 2010

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Submitted: February 28, 2010



Facebook, if you are not a registered user of this social website then odds are you have at least heard of it. Facebook has over 400 million active users worldwide. It is available in many languages from French, English, & Spanish to Russian, Slovak & many languages that most Facebook users have never heard of before. With that being said, it seems as if the world is captivated by Facebook or perhaps a more suitable word could be addicted.

Facebook users of all ages find themselves logging into their Facebook daily, weekly, monthly or in most cases a half dozen times per day. When logging in to their account they can view their friend’s status updates, their latest photo or video uploads, visit any links they may have posted, or they can update their own status, upload their own photos and videos and post their own links. They can even play any one of the many applications that are available for use on Facebook.

You can bet that anywhere there is an internet connection available, it is more than likely that an avid Facebook user will log on to Facebook whether it be in the comfort of their own home, at school, via their cell phone, and even the workplace. So, should this be something that employers should be watching? Many companies have filters that will not allow their workers to visit many websites that they deem to be inappropriate such as online social websites like Facebook but for those workers who find a loophole and still manage to get on Facebook this addiction puts their job in jeopardy. The clumsiest of employees will update their status or even comment on their friend’s status while on working hours. With Facebook giving an exact time at which some activities are done, an employer who wanted to look closely could view the exact times that their employee made posts and comments on Facebook.

There are many ways to update your status or reply to comments made by your friends on Facebook without actually having to be on the website itself. You can reply to comments through your email and can even update and reply to comments through SMS messages on a user’s cell phone. At which, an employer could not only be able to see at what times an employee updated their status but also be able to see if an employee is using their cell phone or is using their company email address to update their Facebook on company time which in many cases is prohibited by the employer.

Many addicted Facebook users are willing to take the risk of being caught by their employer and “facing” the consequences that may incur. So, here are 10 tips to not getting caught by your employer:

1. When logging into Facebook, your first step to hiding is to click on “Chat” at the bottom of the right hand corner. After doing so, click on “Options” then proceed to click on “Go Offline”. By doing this, you will appear to be offline to any friends who may log on to their own Facebook accounts.

2. DO NOT update your status! If you update your status it will give an exact time at which you did so and thus could give an employer proof that you are not doing your job.

3. DO NOT comment on anyone else’s status or Wall. Doing this could give your employer the same proof as tip #2.

4. If you decide to play on any applications, make sure you DO NOT allow the application to publish ANYTHING on your Wall. This will also give an exact time at which you published it.

5. DO NOT think that you can do any of the said things above on your cell phone and get by with it. The exact time you do things via your cell phone will still be shown along with an icon that says it was done via your cell phone, thus giving an employer another reason that you are not performing your set job by showing that you are also using your cell phone during working hours which may be prohibited by your employer.

6. DO NOT use your company email address for your Facebook account. If you don’t wish to use your personal email address then use one of the many other free email accounts that you can get from Yahoo!, Gmail, or any others that may be available online. Using your company email is proof to an employer that you are using not only their time to get on Facebook but you are using their means to do so especially if you are using their email account to post or reply to comments on Facebook. Most companies do not allow “personal” use of the email account that they provide for you. It is specifically to be used for company use so think twice before using it for Facebook.

7. Do not add friends or co-workers whom you cannot trust. Adding them as your friend means they can view the times you are or have been on Facebook and if they tip off an employer who isn’t paying any attention to their employee’s internet or company email usage.

8. Do not add your employer, boss, supervisor, etc as a friend on Facebook. This gives them access to view the times you are on Facebook and the times you make posts.

9. If you do not have any co-workers or any bosses/employers added as your friends on Facebook then make sure you have your privacy settings set to private. Make sure no one who isn’t your friend can view your Wall. By doing this, no one who isn’t your friend can view the times you are posting on Facebook.

10. Another tip that isn’t necessarily about “hiding” from your employer but still maybe be useful for an employee is, if you do have co-workers, bosses, or employer added as a friend on Facebook then you definitely want to make sure you what you post as your status or what you may comment on in another friend’s status. Making comments about your co-workers, bosses, or employer that are not “favorable” would probably not help you out when it comes to your job. You do not want to say anything that may be grounds for termination or anything that may make any of them hold a grudge towards you.

After taking all of those tips into consideration, some employees may still think it is worth the risk if they put those tips to use. But if you are one of those Facebook-using employees who wishes to not take the risk of getting caught then the best advice would probably be to use Facebook on your own time and not someone else’s.

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