wave hello say good bye pt. 1

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PT. 1

Submitted: May 31, 2014

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Submitted: May 31, 2014



  The sun dances across the water, gracefully, making sure to not miss a step. A little sparkle over there, and a little magic of there. I would watch the wave roll over eachother, and then inscurely pull back, as if they were scared of society, yet they had no clue how beautiful society had truly thought the ocean was. For as long as I could remember I had lived on the beach, but as crazy as it seems, I would never go in the water, my friends used to tease me all the time when I was little, I wouldn't even let water from the sea drop of me. It wasn't that I had hated the water, or even scared of it, I had always been adored the ocean, and had been left in fasination of the sea. Maybe that's why I would never touch the water, it was too beautiful to be touched. Maybe that sounds crazy, but welcome to my life; crazy. 

When I was two years old my mother had packed her bags and left my father and I. After a year of waiting for her return, my dad had decided to move out of the same house, in the same town, I had known for my two years of life. Although that sounds like nothing, I can recall everything from my childhood, and that's when the most tramatic events had ever occured for me. My father had packed up all the items left in our small trailor, which had been a toaster and couple of blankets really. It's not that I had grown up disadvantaged, It was more like my mother took everything in sight, and the rest was nailed into the trailor (fridge, sink, counters, ect.) So, my father moved us onto a family sized two floor home in Flordia right on the beach. Now how nice does that sound, living right on the beach, in a sunny warm state, when you have the ocean to your advantage everyday. Well, I would stare at the ocean, all the ocean makes me think about is my mother, all I would think about is the last thing that she had ever said to me; "Where the ocean end's, there is a wonderful place, filled with beautiful people, and when you need me, that's where I will be." I would always look, but I could never seem to find the end of ocean. Only where the sun meets with the waves, and maybe the waves were talking to me in fact, maybe they were my mother waving hello. 

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