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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

When the world turns to shit due to zombies, it's up to Riker to find the cure for the disease and save the world. Or at least himself.
(This is what I have so far, but I'll update it everyday)

Table of Contents

When the world turns to shit due to zombies, it's up to Riker to find the cure for the disease and save the world. Or at least himself.
(This is what I have so far, but I'll update it everyday) Read Chapter

There we were. In a dilapidated theatre, most likely surrounded by the undead. I stared at my friend, watching the sweat run down from he... Read Chapter

“The End.” I finished as I looked up and saw the whole class stare in awe at me. “Yeah, it was good, wasn’t it?” I looked at my... Read Chapter

I woke up in a dream state. The ceiling was white and the fluorescent lighting blinded me until my eyes adjusted. I tried to sit up but I... Read Chapter

After we left the ice cream parlor, my sister ordered this banana split that she didn’t even finish, and I had a simple waffle cone. Fi... Read Chapter

We got inside and Amari, my five year old baby sister, was sitting, watching TV. What show? I don’t know. I don’t pay attention to th... Read Chapter

Thank God for the arcade. I used the money I was saving for the party on the House of the Dead arcade games. Shooting down zombies, monst... Read Chapter

As I ran home, I saw that there were more and more of them coming from all directions. Some were running, Jesus Christ no, and some were ... Read Chapter

She wrapped her hands around my throat, pushing me towards the wall. My back slammed into the plaster wall, putting a hole in it. My mom ... Read Chapter

I started having flashes of the things I wanted to be when I was a kid. Here’s a list: A baseball player A superhero (Calling ... Read Chapter

“Ariana, I’m going to need you to watch my sister while I go out and… kill my mother.” That sounded so wrong coming out of my mou... Read Chapter

The door burst into small splinters as my mom’s final slam caused it to. She growled as she stood in the epicenter of the room, looking... Read Chapter

“Amari, move!” She ran away, giving me more time to save her. My mom rushed out of the room and I followed after her. Amari was by th... Read Chapter

We all stood on the stoop. I tightly gripped my bat as my stomach rumbled again. I do not think I can do this. Not on an empty stomach. T... Read Chapter

We were straight down the road from Munchies and I couldn’t see any zombies between us, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t the... Read Chapter

We rushed into the store and closed the door, but that wasn’t going to hold them simply because it was made of glass! “Shit shit shit... Read Chapter

“Riker, look out!” Ariana yelled. I barely ducked as a machete, a fucking machete, missed my head by mere centimeters. I rolled over ... Read Chapter

“Isn’t that the zombie thing from Resident Evil 5?” I pointed out while still hitting the lock. “Because it looks like it.” It ... Read Chapter

His breathe nearly killed me. It smelled like broccoli, cigarettes, anchovies, onions, with a hint of… lavender? What? He grabbed me, c... Read Chapter

Well, obviously I passed out. And not only that, everyone else is gone so I’m all alone in this alley with the dead bodies… that aren... Read Chapter

After putting together my arsenal, I grabbed that jacket, put it on, and prayed. I got down on one knee and thanked Based God for fucking... Read Chapter

When we left, a car not too far from us exploded and there was a horde of zombies in the distance. They looked our way, but luckily, ther... Read Chapter

Lights flashed in the alley, distracting the zombies. Suddenly, I heard rapid gunfire. And sounds of bullets piercing their decaying, sof... Read Chapter

Now, as soon as I said that, I was knocked out cold. I swear to God, that’s like a gag for me. Every time I do something surprising or ... Read Chapter

They wanted to run tests on me, but the thought of being some human guinea pig didn’t sit right with me. They just took a sample of my ... Read Chapter

When I got down there, everything was hectic. Something was wrong. I ran through the hallways as quick as I could. Scientists were all ru... Read Chapter