Just wondering

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A look at destiny.

I was just wondering how my life would be if we would have crossed paths 20 years ago
I was just wondering if I would see the world differently today
As I live today, I see despair, hatred and loathing, and deeply rooted animosity wedged between even the closest of families
Would see happiness for life itself, hope for a better future, and respect and thankfulness for the gift of having you near me?
When we are young, we lack a profound realization of time, and therefore fail to recognize how short life really is
But as we become older, wiser, & more mature we look back on our lives and wish we had taken more opportunities presented to us
Visited more places, made more friends, had more courage to follow our dreams…
Ahhhh where would we be now if only we had….
But you see, that is where the paradox lies for me
When I think of you and look back into my past, I see the paths that I have chosen, the hard lessons  learned, the experience gained, and the maturity developed to a level that…
Brings me to the point I am today, exactly where I want to be, here with you
I cannot say if 20 years ago we would have been mature enough to comprehend the feelings and emotions that unite us today…
Maybe yes, maybe no
And often I wonder if the choices we made in the past… good and bad… would have brought us to meet
And why at this precise moment, when our lives seemed already predestined for a different future
So as I wonder how life would be with you 20 years ago…
I also wonder…
If I had not taken the choices that I have taken in my life, would I be with you at all today?
And that is a thought most unbearable.

Submitted: November 28, 2014

© Copyright 2021 mcsten. All rights reserved.

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