Sleeper Cell

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

What if you could be used as a puppet to carry out horrendous acts of violence without even knowing? What if all if took was for someone to whisper a code word to activate you into a mindless killer? For Detective Alan Marshall this is about to become a reality. After all the best way to get away with murder is to get someone else to do it for you.


A short story by McSticketh

Detective Alan Marshall awoke in a sweaty fright. Beads of sweat ran down his face and crept into the corners of his eyes. He rubbed them to try and take away the stinging. He kicked away the covers as he sat up on the edge of the bed. He could feel the cold night air breathing against his hot soaking body. 

'Just another nightmare' He said to himself.

He had been having the same dream for about five years now. It had started when he left the military due to an injury he sustained on a training exercise. Busted his knee and needed to have surgery, hadn't been the same since. This is how the dream starts, being wheeled to the operating room at the military hospital. In the dream he's very much aware of what's going on but he can't move or speak. Just lay on the operating table aware of everything thats about to happen.

Next he see the surgeons talking to one another about the planned operation but something's wrong. Instead of discussing Alan's knee they are talking about surgery on his brain. Alan tries frantically to get their attention to tell them that they are suppose to be working on his knee. That there's a mistake, that they must have the wrong patient but its no use however and the surgeons start to drill into his skull. He feels poking and tugging but can't see anything. A high pitched ringing in his ears. The intense burning behind his eyes. He can't move a muscle but he is aware of everything including the pain.

'Make it stop' he cries in vain. 'Please make it stop'.

The last thing to happen is one of the surgeons whispers something in his ear however Alan is far too scared to pay attention to what he says. He only remenbers the last two words the surgeon says which are simply, 'Activation complete'.

* * * * *

Alan sat in the kitchen. He felt much better after a hot shower. It always seemed to relax him after a stressful day, or night in this case. He poured himself a cup of black coffee and turned on the news. His boss always told him that it was a good thing to try and stay up to date with recent events. The main headline this morning was about a woman called Mary Andrews who was the leading reporter for a top national newspaper. Appartently, she had discovered a large amount of information that if brought to the public's attention could be extremely dangerous for the government in power at current. Mrs Andrews stated that she had photographic evidence about a scandal within the white house and other damning reports centered around the Iraq war and 9/11.

Alan wasn't really paying any attention to the story, the only thing he was thinking about was Mary Andrews and how very attractive she was. She was in her late thirties with pale skin and red hair. Slim but not too skinny. Minimal make up on her, she was naturally beautiful.

'Wouldn't mind letting you do a report on me'. He laughed to himself.

The home phone ringing in the hallway grabbed him out of his imaginary love affair. Alan looked at his watch, 05:35.

'Probably the boss with another massive workload for me' He said aloud.

He picked up the receiver and pressed it to his ear. He was just about to speak when someone else started speaking before him.

'Is this Detective Marshall?' asked a deep, almost robotic sounding voice.

'It is, yes' stated Alan trying not to sound nervous. There was a moments silence.

'The white wolf hunts at dawn' said the voice. 'I repeat, the white wolf hunts at dawn'

After hearing the words Alan's facial expression changed to a very relaxing state. The lines around his eyes and mouth had faded away. His eyes felt heavy as though he was about to nod off right there in the hallway.

'Alright detective, you'll find your target on the forth floor of the Creasy building on seventh street downtown' informed the voice. 'There's a public multi-storey car park across from it. On the fourth floor you'll find everything you need behind a large dumpster in the north west corner. We will contact you again on your mobile when the assignment is complete. If you understand hit the hash button on your key pad now'.

Alan who was still in a coma like state stretched out his index finger and pressed the hash key.

'Excellent' said the voice. 'Good luck detective.' The phone then went dead.

* * * * *

After half an hours drive Alan found himself on the fourth floor of the car park. It was completly empty which was to work in his favour very nicely. He looked over to the north west corner and located the dumpster. He peered behind it. There was a large black case with a note attached to the front.

'PUT THESE ON' stated the note. A small plastic bag under the note had a pair of latex gloves enclosed. Alan's hands felt sweaty in the gloves however he wasn't thinking about this. He wasn't thinking about anything except the mission. He was totally relaxed.

Next he opened up the case. As he opened the case he noticed a photograph of a very attractive woman. Alan recognised her instantly. It was Mary Andrews, the reporter who was the main focus of the nation that day. In the photograph, red marker pen circled her beautiful face and the word 'TARGET' was written above her. 

Alan peered down to the base of the case. Most people would have recoiled at the sight of a black shiny sniper rifle. However Alan did nothing except pick it up and walk to the railing where he could see the Creasy builing across from him. He peered through the high maginified sight and located Mary Andrews directly across from him. She was sat at a desk in front of a computer with her head in her hands. She didn't look like she did in her photograph. She looked tired, burnt out. She had obviously had a rough night. Alan scanned the windows next to her office. Next door alan could see a young girl who was also sat at a computer with a headset on. She was obviously Mrs Andrews PA. 

Alan then moved back to Mrs Andrews who was still sat at her desk. Alan pulled back on the deadbolt and heard a bullet slide into the chamber with a click. He took aim at the side of Mary Andrews' head just to the right of her temple. Then he pulled the trigger. There was hardly any sound as the silencer had done it's job perfectly. There was a smash of glass as Mary Andrews fell off her chair. The last thing that Alan saw through the sight was a deep red spray on the wall at the back of Mrs Andrews' office. Alan then walked calmly back to the dumpster where he placed the gun back in it's case and hid everything as it was before he got there. He flicked his gloves into the top of the dumpster before getting in his car and driving away. 

* * * * *

Alan had drove just over a mile out of town when his mobile phoned started to ring in his pocket. He pulled the car over and answered. 

'Well done detective' It was the same voice as before. 'Assignment complete, We are all very proud of you, you have done your country a great service. In a moment you will be back to your normal self and you won't remember any of this mornings events. When this call ends you'll drive to work and carry on as usual. If you understand hit the hash key' 

Alan sat there still very vacant and relaxed. He heard a beep as he pressed the hash key on his phone

'That said' stated the voice 'The white wolf is satisfied with the hunt, I repeat. The white wolf is satified with the hunt'. The line then went dead.

Alan then blinked and took a deep breath. He was back. He turned on the radio and drove to work oblivious to what he had just carried out. As he walked into the office he noticed that pandemonium had broke out in the homicide department. People were all talking loud and the phones were going crazy. His boss, Jerry, stood across the room and beckoned Alan towards him.

'What the hell's going on here' asked Alan. 'World war three broke out or something?'

'Christ Alan do you not watch the news? Questioned Jerry. 'You know Mary Andrews, the cute reporter who states she has a load of dirt on the government and even the president?'

'Yeah, cute's the right word. What about her? Asked Alan in a genuine clueless way.

'Well' Said Jerry. 'She's dead'

'What' gasped Alan in astonishment. 'How?'

'I don't have all the details yet but looks like an assassination'

'Jesus' exhaled Alan as he sat down on a chair.

'Now we need to find out who did this' stated Jerry. 'The heads of state are gonna be all over my ass about this one' He started pacing the floor in front of Alan. 'Now your my best detective and i want you on this case, drop everything you got on at the minute and go out and catch this son of a bitch.' 

Alan stood up and exited the office completly unaware that the killer was much closer than even he knew.

** The End **





Submitted: July 25, 2015

© Copyright 2022 McSticketh. All rights reserved.

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great work! Some minor punctuation issues I noticed but in general your style is so smooth it's barely noticeable. Really enjoyed this!

Sat, July 25th, 2015 8:07pm

H. Adams

Nice ending. Like Laura said, there's some puncuation stuff you could fix. Sometimes giving your story a really quick read over when you're done helps a ton :) Very nice pacing, too. The suspense was done well. You took a pretty cliche topic and executed it in a different way which was interesting, and you caught my attention. Well done!

Sat, July 25th, 2015 10:09pm


Thank's for the feedback man. Punctuation is something I've always struggled with. Hopefully try my best to get better along the line. Glad you enjoyed it though.

Mon, July 27th, 2015 10:03am

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