This Is For My Dad And Me

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How one would want there father to be in there eyes.

Submitted: November 12, 2007

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Submitted: November 12, 2007



In my child years I saw you as someone that would take the tears away and sing a song off tune to make me feel okay. You give your chiseled grin and I give you a smile in your way. You say that the only true man I could trust would always be you and no one else. Then when you hold me tight to your chest and made me feel out of breath, you smile and let go. You ruffle my hair as if I could always be that one little girl. At night when you tuck me in my bed and you walk out I would always cry for one of your special hugs. You laugh at me and wrap me up in my blanket so warm. Then you whisper in my ear “You're always going to be my little girl” and there he let a tear fall. Five years later went by and now I'm ten and dressing in pink little dresses that mommy bought for me. Daddy would look at me with a twinkle in his eyes “You'll even look better in white” with a frown he made and walked on by. Now ten years gone down the road and I'm walking down the aisle with the man that will always be important to me in life. He looks at me through the veil and says “You're not so little no more, but remember whose little girl you belong to” he said close to tears. I smile and say “Daddy there will never be a day when I don't wake up and not think about you” I hold his arm tighter. He hugs me close before he lets go and there I am saying my vows. Now five years come later and I have a three year old little girl and my husband is saying the same words my daddy told me so young. I smile in my reverie to only have my dad come from behind “You know love, you picked a good man that loves his daughter as much as I loved you” he says so sweetly. So as he hugs me I can only see a rewind of my life in front of me.

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