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A doll is only a blank slate through which fantasies become reality...

Submitted: June 21, 2010

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Submitted: June 21, 2010



Jareth opened the plain cardboard that had been dropped on his doorstep. The box was entirely nondescript, it was, in essence, just a box, an ordinary, boring, box. Jareth ran his hand along the bottom of the package, and found it damp. A thick red liquid dripped steadily out of the cardboard container onto the pale white carpet below. He smiled to himself, his gift had arrived. He opened the box, and removed a thick yellow blanket wrapped in a bundle. He slowly pulled the blanket open and felt his heart flutter with anticipation. A hideously shrunken body greeted his eager eyes. The man’s arms and legs had been forcibly removed. The man’s eyes darted back and forth frantically.
“What’s it like to be a doll?” Jareth asked sweetly, and ran his fingers gently down the contours of the man’s face. The man shook his head violently.
“What’s it like to be a doll?” asked Jareth harshly. He put his hand over the man’s mouth and nose. The man struggled to breathe, but Jareth held his hand firm. The body went limp, and Jareth lifted up the lifeless body, gently putting the body in a glass case and closed the small door. He walked up a set of rickety wooden stairs to a makeshift viewing platform that he had made. Jareth gazed down at the endless rows of glass cases. They extended as far as the eye could see in every direction. His collection was almost complete. He heard the doorbell ring and walked with a skip in his step to answer it.Little Sophie Walker stood at the door wearing a girl-scout uniform, and holding a stack of colorful pamphlets. Jareth knelt down to Sophie’s level.
“Sophie, do you like dolls?” asked Jareth with a smile.

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