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my story

Submitted: September 29, 2013

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Submitted: September 29, 2013



the vast majority people use telepathic and related powers to communicate and beyond.
my personal theory is that photons and are the medium that permits all the feats.


suddenly my sight turned to black and i fell, passing out. after a few seconds i got up but soon the same feeling arose and i fell again, this time from the platform onto the rails. i quickly got out from there, tried to relax but the feeling came a third time and i fell backwards against the the stone wall behind me.

it was only lightly wounded from the falls, but i concluded i might have had a small concussion.

after arriving in blx i proceeded to spend the night waiting for the train in the morning.
but some time time before midnight, security removed everyone, some 50 ppl, from the station.
i was the last one to be informed and to leave the station as i was waiting a bit secluded at the back of the station.

wandering through the streets, trying to find my way back to the trainstation, a woman shouted into my mind, "now look what you do to our children".
i looked up and saw a family walking in my direction, upon which i felt a very small and sudden reaction. my ignorance at the time caused me to panick and spend the entire night imagining holding hands and walking around with children appropriately. My sincerety was totally inadequate. I went

In the early evening I came upon a remote train station and decided to follow the tracks to the next city. After


after about a year i had managed to supress my painful sexual feelings, but i still got painful physical sensations when others tried to attack me. after a while i slowly managed to prevent those as well, and started a smoke a bit of weed again to explore new options to hasten my recovery. the results were mixed, very good and very bad, mostly due to my ineffecti vity. one night, though, after smoking my 3rd joint, experiencing minor progress and not many negative effects, i was attacked with a ferocity like never before. My head literally exploded, i could feel my brain being torn. I grabbed my head, preventing a lot of damage, but more attacks followed, albeit lighter ones. I spent the entire night scratching my head, trying to prevent more damage, with marginal success. I ofcourse should've gone outside, but it didn't come to mind then. None of it was painful, in part because there are no pain receptors in the brain and in part because the nature of the attacks was chemical. I was essentially forced to rip my own brain. In the morning I needed to go to my job in the repair shop. My head felt as if my brain was immersed in acid. I could feel the electricity of my thaughts making strange shapes in the muck. I felt weak and somewhat woozy but could operate normally. after a few days I could

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