Only Prettier

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

For all the women out there who have ever been told I wish I could find someone just like you only prettier.

Hello guys! 

You know how you all say 

“oh if only I could find a real woman

a good hearted woman.” 

Well look here that bitch you're  chasing ain’t her!

Real? You want real? Ok fine.

Real women don’t have more plastic than a recycling center. 

How’s that for real? 

Bottled blonde, store bought hair extensions, 

Artificial eyelashes, fake nails 

Waxed, plucked, and shaved 

Polished to a high shine 

This should be your first clue 

She ain’t real. She is high maintenance.

This woman spends all her time and money on her looks. 

She won’t give a damn

About your day, your thoughts, your kids or issues


She isn’t the slightest bit interested

In playing house with you 

Unless she can’t pay her own bills 

Then she will lead you on, 

Use you until the next upgrade comes along 

She don’t know you. 

This is how that works. 

If she is smart and you have a good job

Seem stable and not too big a slob

She may trap you with a baby.


Child support to a first child by a man pays very well! 

Look at her natural looking fake eyelashes and those pretty figure nails

The perfect hair not one hair out of place! 

That didn’t come cheap!

And she has no problem spending yours! 


That’s what happens when you chase the Hollywood delusion. 

The conclusion is an illusion.

Take a good look at that wrapping

Before you buy the shit that’s inside! 

I’m sure that will work out just fine...

until she spends more money than you make 

Still bitching about how “I deserve better!” 

But she stopped giving you pussy

She don’t cook or clean 

Tell me exactly why is she there? 

To make your friends jealous 

Cause your bitch is prettier? 


Good luck with that!


Meanwhile the girl working a 50+ hour week

Struggling to get by because she gets half the pay

and even less respect than the big boobed chick

Who can’t work a lick 

Gets ignored. 

The plan Jane, the average the boring. 

The girl who doesn’t respond to your bullshit

Pick up lines and disrespect. 

“Hey baby you shallow?” 

Don’t even get you so much as an eye roll. 

She don’t have time for that.

She pays her bills 

Fallen for your kind before. 

She is smart she learned.


She is the one who watches as you chasing the bitches 

Always there with a shoulder to cry on 

After she breaks your heart.

She is just a friend 

Gives good advice that you never take. 

She never says I told you so.

She wouldn’t hurt your feelings like that.


You don’t mind ripping her apart

With the hateful words 

“I wish I could find a good girl like you only prettier.”

Only prettier? WTF?

How shallow can you be? 

She doesn’t care about your beer belly

Receding hairline and that you’re not filthy rich.

Come home hot tired and sweaty 

She would still welcome you home with open arms.


She sees your flaws and likes them all 

Even your shallow mind and big ego. 

She has suffered them all great and small.

But do you see her at all?

Do you see the friendship she holds out to you 

The heartbreak every time you say

 “Just like you only prettier”

 As if that’s some great compliment 

She should pride herself in! 

Being the perfect woman only too ugly! 


Nice ass hat!


I want to know just who the fuck do you think you are?

I’m quite sure you don’t have Trump’s money not even a penny, 

You don’t have the brains of Tesla 

The looks of Sam Elliot 

So please oh please tell her again

 “Only prettier!”


Actually, maybe I should be talking to the ladies. 

What exactly does this man bring to the table? 

You have a job.

You don’t need him to provide. 

You’re independent and stable.

He’s really not that bright 

He wouldn’t be making such poor choices in life

Making the same mistakes over and over in life.

He will never learn so why are you there?

You can’t fix him or change him. 

He can’t be repaired.

All you can do is let him be

Does he need to be next to you

When he lets down his guard 

And cries showing 

His vulnerability and sensitivity? 

Or was it just stupidity? 

He has been chasing the same woman since junior high 

It’s just her name changes 

Maybe her cup sizes... 


What exactly do you get from him?

Heartache over how the bitch did him wrong

Heartbreak every time he come running

Hoping he will see your worth

But all you hear

 “If only I could find someone just like you only prettier.” 


I summit to you my friends

Maybe it’s not the high maintenance bitches

With the morals of an ally cat  

The cunning of a fox, 

That are the problem. 


Maybe they have just learned to play the game. 

They know men don’t want love and loyalty. 

Men want to be used

Cornucopia of plenty, 

a fat cash cow for the slaughter, 

an atm. You take the money freely given 

Learn to give yourself a pay raise 

More bull shit they give 

The less pussy they get.


It’s all a game. No one to blame

No one feels shame. 

Put your assets in display

Let the price be known. 

Just make sure your heart ain’t turned on. 

Emotions are pawns played til dawn. 

When morning comes they’re long gone.


Become life support for pussy 

Soon every man will love you 

Some other girl can hear “only prettier!”



Submitted: May 03, 2019

© Copyright 2020 MeadowlandGrimm. All rights reserved.

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Bert Broomberg

It must be a sorry person who actually uses the sentence: "I wish I could find someone just like you only prettier", in order to communicate with someone. I guess that we live in a society that focusses on a commercially standardised outward appearance as being one of the most import things to posses, I deplore that many people use that as a basis for judging other people's and sometimes even their own worth as human beings.

Fri, May 3rd, 2019 9:33am


I agree. I think it’s a generational thing. I was hoping it was a local thing but I moved 200 miles and I’ve still heard it. Go figure?

Thank you for your review!

Fri, May 3rd, 2019 6:11am

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