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Element is a series of books, diaries and other media following six goddesses in their land with their escapades and adventures. It's a good read for all ages, but primarily aimed at girls aged 11 - 18. But don't let that stop you! Element is a free for reading series and will be provided in whole....And available for download from mediafire when completed. This excerpt is also available for download, here:

Submitted: August 08, 2008

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Submitted: August 08, 2008



Element Promotional Excerpt

For personal download from mediafire. To be read only on deviantart and booksie. Released in 2008. Please excuse any spelling errors. I do not have microsoft word, I have OpenOffice witch has a much less 'expansive' dictionary.

By Meagan Blyth.

Marina swept the muddied, foul water from her face.

Uhgg...” Marina groaned as a wave of pain spread from her right side through her body, sending her crashing to the cold stone floor again.

Rolling over, scarred and scathed, she looked around her. There was a rusted wall sconce with a single candle placed in it's base. That was all that was lighting the room. The walls around her were made of stone, and had water slowly dripping through. Marina caught a drop of water on her finger. It was incredibly muddy and there was a horrid smell emanating off it.

Marina turned away in disgust. She was the goddess of water, stuck with this foul water in a deep and dark pit. She couldn't cleanse the water; her energy was completely drained.

She sat against a wall, and stared at her ruined clothes. Looking up to the ceiling, there was a flicker of light but it was soon quickly muffled out.

Would anyone ever find her here? Or would any attempt to escape be futile, only wasting her away even more?

She had no idea. Marina huddled up in her tattered clothes and attempted to sleep away the pain.

Meanwhile, the rest of them were in pain aswell. Seperated from the rest of the goddesses, and with no way of knowing if they were dead or alive, Avani wandered through the wide expanse of underground cave-jungle place. It was under the ground, yet somehow the plant life grew in massive bunches and covered the cavern floor with it's never-ending expanse of ferns and vines. She was in her element. But something was draining her energy; she could feel the power leaking from her fingertips and chest towards the end of the tunnel. Then again, she was underground.

Avani soon came across a pool of misty water. A source of mineral water, prehaps?

As she touched the water apprihensively, she withdrew her hand back so fast she could have shot a rocket from it.

Aaaach!”said Avani in pain. The water was scalding hot.

She looked around in a confused daze, slightly dizzy. Avani staggered off towards the other end of the vast cavern, past a peculiar-looking tree with a hole in it.

She soon saw a speck of amber light at the distance, giving hope of an escape from the unpleasant, humid atmosphere. As her staggered walk turned into a run, the speck turned into a large chink of bright, glowering light.

As she got to the source of hope, they were dashed as quickly as she had conjured them.

Infront of her, a vast cavern filled with a glowing, red liquid was flowing every which-way and it created immense heat.

It was magma; an attribute of fire. She knew earth didn't mix well with fire.

Avani knew her chances of survival weren't high.

A message from the Author ~

Hi! Thanks for reading the promo' excerpt from my book series, Element.I'm really pleased

how well this story is turning out. :)

If you have any suggestions or anything else, please email me at queenofsporks@gmail.com.

I'd love any fan mail aswell; it'd be a great incentive to make more.

Thanks again for reading my special promo feature of Element.

Meagan Blyth

© Copyright 2017 Meagan Blyth. All rights reserved.

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