come morning there won't be stars

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an old little piece of prose from many years ago.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



she's reading the blank pages of your diary
she's laminating roses in the vain hope that
you would love her that way.

she guilts herself into uncertainty, because she knows any other way is dreaming. and i know her a bit too well to be comfortable behind her stoney heart. and i try not to see you through that, and i try to smear your face into a blurry train station departure but you're still here, with what i hallucinate to be patience, but somber reason knows is blissful casualty. love? unconditional without reason kindof love that i don't understand, so please god help me. so let your back face forward dear god so i can trespass through other rocky paths. because i know any other way i'd be afraid that my tranquility would sway to and fro and back again without you.

and tonight, all that is sweet tastes bitter. i silently resent the untimely presence of all the love i spoil with greedy thoughts of peace.

and my eyes can see through and past yours but my touch could never shape you into solid gold, it's my heart that has to do that.

so i will sit, and so i will love
everyone always
and so i will share it all with the skies, and the winds will carry my tears.
but this morning has no stars to share with us.

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