you love so well impromptu

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a little dedication to a lovely friend luchi, who was sick so many years ago

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



you've lived your life like honey for air, but with water for gold there isn't so much going for you but you don't see it that way. we're all slightly comforted by the antiquity of the dreams of a final theory, because it may just come to us soon. maybe not, but then someone else can lay safe while we continue to remember, because we're not forgetting.

oh honey, the stones you've thrown have reached another universe, and shattered the sun's shine into a million pieces to cater love and comfort the stars. and you're always cratered in the moon's song, of life and love alone. privacy just isn't an option when you're falling in love with the world, because intimacy isn't really allowing you to share something with the world that they could never experience second hand. it's all just too powerful to dye into words and language.

and of everything brilliant, your smile arrests the wonder. with all the love you have, my dear, you may never need a cure.

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