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Alone I sit with broken wings,
Cast to a world with broken things.
My heart leaks blood with every beat,
Alone I drown in an empty seat.
I know you're there seeing me lost in hopelessness,
 I feel alone in my brokeness.

I know the pain is in my head,
But I can't silence the cruel words when I'm lying in bed.
I pray that you'll come here and save me,
But alone I curl up and hear my own pleas.
This world is cruel, but I'm much crueler,
I curse my name and torment me,
I am cold and not at peace.

It isn't until the angels start singing,
That I finally stand and start dancing.
They sang a song that taught me perspective,
How to shift my thoughts with practice and be selective.
You cast me here and I learned how unbareable pain can be,
But through that pain I've learned to love me.

I know now that I am not alone, and in my pain I find your presence.
When I'm in tears I hear your words, You say to me, "Wait my child." and it brings me clearance.
I grow free to live with the pain and to not let it control me,
For my pain paves a new road for me to walk on, a road where I can be free.

I used to cry and beg for angels,
But now I know that I'm an angel.
Only I get to chose what kind of angel I am,
Be it Song, Despair, Love, or Hate.
I'll sing my song for the world to hear and maybe show someone else It's not too late.
Lets change our tune and sing a happy song,
But be okay with the deep lines of despair that come along.

For the beauty of our song comes with the pain,
So come and dance with me in the rain

Submitted: April 17, 2018

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The words flow nicely in this reflective piece.

A good job done with a poignant message.

nice one.

Tue, April 17th, 2018 10:31am

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