Trail of Toys

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a poem about seeing your child after a work day

Submitted: February 04, 2012

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Submitted: February 04, 2012



The load is heavy coming upstairs 

after a long day


Once inside 

the first to greet me is

Mr. Mousey

whose perpetual orange smile like a carnival clown's

does seem genuine


Following animals around the corner I

step narrowly missing

the busy box

and eyeing bright large balls from a Romper Room land I notice

I Am A Bunny

in the corner open to page one, ("My name is Nicholas.

I live in  a hollow tree.") but I walk into the hall

where the Fisher-Price phone sits

red receiver off hook

as if someone long ago left

this poor party waiting

and the phone's eyes merrily accuse me 

of the injustice


but I don't stop to say hello


She is up ahead beyond those building blocks

past the super coupe

with her wide blue eyes

and toothless happy grin

crawling towards me saying her one two syllable word

till I effortlessly lift her,


saddened by the knowledge of other trails she must follow

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