instant hero

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a hero travels and helps all on his way, soon after many fights he finds out about a great evil and with his friends they go to stop this new evil.

Once upon a time, there was a young traveler who dreamed of traveling across the world and have fantastic adventures. His name was Rick, he was a skinny boy he didn’t have much for muscles but his heart was big and his dreams even bigger. He wanted to be a heroic swordsman one that would go down in history as a heroic honest man. The only problem he had was that he was no hero he hasn’t slain a dragon or saved a town, he can barely lift a sword. On one of his travels he spotted a woman who seemed to be collapsed on the trail he had been following. He ran to the woman’s side and helped her up, he checked for any wounds, luckily none to be found. The woman spoke to him stating that she is dying of hunger and thirst, Rick quickly took off his back pack and pulled out his water container and gave it to the woman as he dug out the food he had been saving for his journey.

After the woman had eaten some of the food and drank from the water she thanked Rick and said “for your kindness, you will find what you seek and you will prosper in life, your journey is far from over but this is the beginning of anew.”

Rick was mesmerized and asked “what do you know about my journey and who are you?”

The woman looked at him and smiled “I know much of your journey you will do great things just continue what you are doing and remember that things are not always as they seem.” With those parting words she handed the boy a mighty sword which he struggled to hold then with a flash she transformed into a beautiful woman and disappeared without a trace.

Rick stared in disbelief for a moment and then smiled said thank you and started to gather his things. He decided that it was better that he carry the sword on his back for now until he can get to town to better train himself on how to use it. As he traveled down the trail, the woman’s words rang in his ears “I know much of your journey, you will do great things, just continue what you are doing” and with this, Rick kept the smile on his face and thanked the woman over and over in his mind for everything that had happened.

Rick soon reached the town and walked in to get some supplies after which, he started to look for a place that he could train with his sword. As he walked down the street, merchants continually harassed him asking to buy the sword from him, but Rick did not yell or get frustrated, he just kindly said, “No thank you, this sword was given to me so I must respect this sword”. Rick would soon make this precious sword his pride and joy. Rick asked, “Can you point me in the direction of a place where I can train?” Everyone pointed him in the same direction, he smiled, said thank you and walked away as the merchants stood there with a confused look on their face wondering why he had such a great sword but no idea how to use it.

Finally Rick found the place he was looking for, a swordsmen dojo, to train in. As soon as Rick walked in he was greeted by curious faces and judgmental looks. He walked up to the one who looked to be in charge and asked if he can be trained in the art of swordsmanship. The man looked at him and asked “why do you carry a sword but have no knowledge of how to use it?”

Rick looked up and smiled and said “I was given this sword by someone I helped and it has always been my dream to be a swordsmen and help anyone in need.” The man looked at him in surprise and smiled and agreed to train him.

All though the training was tough, Rick always found a way to make it through and get stronger and better. He trained hard which impressed his master on the progress he had made for the short amount of time he had been there. It had only been two years since Rick first started his training. When he was first started he couldn’t hold the sword and his stance was atrocious but after these two years of training he could hold swing and even cut though solid boulders with little effort and lightning speed. Then one day the master asked him to come in early tomorrow without hesitation Rick said “yes sir”. The next day Rick came in early and the only person there was his master, as he approached the master, he said “well done, no one has improved as fast as you have and no one has ever been so quick when wielding a sword with such skill, from here on out I can no longer teach you. You have surpassed even me. Normally I would ask my students to duel me to prove their skills, but for you, I can see your skill and I need not test it. You came to us to learn the art of swordsmanship. When you arrived here, you were only a traveler who wished only to be a great swordsman, now you have accomplished that, so I wish you good luck and to remember who you are a kind man who is here to help others and you will do great things.”

The boy who is now a man bowed to his teacher and gave him a hug and smiled. He gathered his things, put his sword on his back and walked out of the dojo. He looked back smiled and waved to his teacher and went along his way with a smile and tears of joy in his eyes.

Along his travels he thought back to what has happened so far in his journey. It all started with him wanting to be a traveling hero so he set out with no sword no skills just some supplies and the joy of being in the outdoors, and along his travels he found an old woman collapsed on the side of the trail upon helping the old woman by giving her his water and food the woman said that he was destined for greatness and gave him a sword, that he now carries, and then disappeared without a trace, he then continued his travels to the next town and found a swordsman dojo to train and after two years he had learned all he can so he left the dojo to continue his journey. As he was reminiscing about his past adventures he hears a scream coming from down the trail, he sprinted forward with a sudden burst of energy as he drew his sword preparing for a fight. He see a caravan being attacked by raiders and the people are about to be killed and women raped. He sprang forward and knocked he attackers back with a mighty blow. With sword drawn he stood between the people and the attackers, they drew their swords ready to fight, Rick knew it was time to use the skills he learned. He dropped his pack and readied himself. The first to charge was a huge man but was slow and with his lightning speed Rick dodged his tremendous strike and slashed across his chest and arm, cutting the tendons forcing him to drop his weapon, and with one quick punch sent the big man flying. The others stood in shock for a moment just before rushing in for the attack, with careful precision he took out all the attackers in a swift manner. With most of the raiders injured or killed they made a hasty retreat, Rick turned and untied all those who were captured helping them up making sure no one was hurt. The people were so happy they have been saved they said “we are really sorry that we can’t give you anything as a token of appreciation but thank you and if you need anything just ask.”

Rick said “no need, that is what I want to do, is help everyone and be known as a kind heroic man. I don’t need any thing for the help but I do have one favor to ask.”

The leader of the group said “anything just name it we are in your debt.”

“Oh you don’t have to, but do you mind giving me a ride to the next town?”

“Of course, hop on in” as the leader smiled. As they traveled, everyone asked Rick about his journey. He told them everything that had happened thus far and they hung on every word. The children looked up to him with awe as they admired and dreamed of being like him. Rick smiled and said “you can be anything you dream to be just by doing what you love and being kind. You don’t have to go on a journey to succeed. Completing a goal similar to mine would allow your children to see you as a hero and look up to you, just be kind.” Soon they got to town and with a smile and a wave they said good bye and good luck and thanked each other as they parted ways.

Rick strolled through town with a mighty grin and a determined mind. He found an inn in which he could rest and prepare for tomorrow’s long journey. Once in his room he pulled out his map and began to plan where he was to travel next, after doing so he pulled out his sword and gave it a nice shine and sharpening before laying his head down to rest.

Upon waking up Rick hear a rustle in his room he stood up and readied his sword as he knew it came from the closet. He flung the doors open and readied his stance only to relax as he sees a small girl scared in his closet, most likely from the threatening sword that was pointed at her only seconds before. Rick withdrew his sword back to its scabbard and asked “what are you doing in my closet?”

The small girl replied in a scared voice “nothing! I swear I wasn’t going to steal for you!”

Rick tried to calm the girl “I am not accusing you of stealing and I won’t hurt you just please tell me why you are here” as he walks to the bed and sits down to listen to the girl.

“Well, I heard you were a great swordsmen and very kind. I also heard that you are on a mighty quest and I want to join you.” The girl said shyly.

“You know it will be dangerous, Right?”

“Yes, but I can protect myself and if I am in real danger we can protect each other.”

“Really well I see you carry no sword or shield nor a bow so how do you protect yourself?”

“I am a wizard! Well, a wizard in training.” She said with an ashamed look.

“Cool but if you are in training why are you here?”

“Well I ran away. I heard you were in town and I knew this was my chance to go something great. The other wizards tease me saying no female can be a wizard let alone a great and powerful one so I wanted to show them that I can do anything that I want and being a female has nothing to do with it!”

“Well then I accept your request to join me on my quest!”

“Even though I am a girl?”

“Why does it matter that you are a girl? As long as you have a dream and you are determined to complete this dream and you take action it matters not who or what you are!”

“Yay!!” the girl exclaimed with the biggest smile Rick has ever seen. So they gathered their belongings and left the inn.

“I never got your name.” said Rick.

“Oh right my name is amber” she said.

“That is a great name amber. So what kind of magic do you know?”

“Well I know lots of fire magic and protection magic along with other elemental magic but I am really good at fire magic.”

“Maybe I should call you ember then. Ha ha ha” Rick said jokingly.

Amber with an angry look on her face yelled “you better not be making fun of me!”

The two continued down the road talking to each other getting to know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Rich proudly proclaimed “I am the best swordsmen in the world, I am a very kind man….”

“I know I am so happy you let me join you on your quest you are an amazing person!” Amber interrupted.

“Thank you. So I never asked you how you learned so much about me.”

“Oh right, well first I had a dream about you helping a beautiful woman out of the kindness of your heart, it was weird at first so I thought nothing of it, but then my teacher taught us that ‘dreams allow us to find out what are destinies are but you need to know what those dreams are and what they symbolize’ so I visited him later that day and asked about my dream I had that night. First thing he asked ‘was has this been a recurring dream?’ I said ‘no’ so he told me to come back if it comes to me again. After a week of dreams about you and your adventures I went back to him.” Amber said embarrassingly “he said ‘let’s look at the symbols in it’ after that he determined that it was my destiny to either fight you, go down your path, or join you. So I decided to join you because I wanted to become a wizard and I could never fight someone so nice to others.”

“So you learned from your dreams?”

“Yes. So you really fought a dragon!?”

“What no. Was that in your dream?” Rick questioned as he gave amber a confused look.

“Yes. How did you not fight one it was in my dreams?” Amber said being just confused as Rick.

“Well I plan to so maybe you saw things to come.”

“Maybe, either way I am with you until the end no matter what you do!”

“Good, anyway there should be a small town coming up soon.”

“Yay!!!!!!!” shouted Amber. Suddenly a group of bandits jumped out of the bushed and from behind trees and surrounded the duo. Amber screamed. They were outnumbered fifty to Two. They all readied their weapons ready for a fight.

“Drop the weapons and give us your money and food. Unless you want this to get ugly.” Said the bandit leader who looked like a giant compared to the others and his arms were like logs, he also carried a large blood stained axe.

“Do you think you can handle the henchmen? I got the leader.” Rick stated confidently.

Amber gripped her staff harder as she brought it to its starting position for a spell she stated “I can take out ten times as many.”

“Good.” Rick said as he charged the leader. The two leaders clash weapons as the leader of the bandits laughs and states “you think that puny sword can harm me?” Rick jumps back and lunges forward causing the leader to dodge the attack “you think you can dodge all my attacks?” he said with a grin. They both lunge towards each other and the fight begins with the clashing of swords and the cries of pain as blood is thrown around.

Amber stands on a pile of injured and burned bandits as she swings her staff knocking the last bandit out. She looks around bracing herself for an attack. Startled as she sees Rick in a big fight with the leader both covered in lots of blood. She rushes off to help him but Rick notices and yells to her “stay out of this! It is between him and me.”

The bandit leader laughs “denying help what a foolish move.”

“For you maybe, for me I haven’t even been touched by your axe while you have deep cuts all over your body.” Rick said as he slashes again striking the leader and putting a deep cut in his leg.

“Wounds and pain are for the weak if you bail on a fight just because of some little cut then you should be cut down where you stand.”

“Good idea!” Rick yells as he cuts both the leader’s hamstrings forcing him to drop to his knees and then cuts off his hand holding his axe. He then kicks the axe for his reach and says “any last words bandit scum.”

“You can’t kill me!” the leader threatens.

“Wrong answer.” as rick plunges his sword though the heart of the leader. The bandit leader falls to the ground and ceases to move as Rick pulls his sword from his chest. He then takes the helmet off the leaders head and grabs the axe. He swings the big axe lodging it in to the ground and puts the helmet on it and gets down on his knee and says “you could have been a great ally but you chose the wrong path. May the god of war look over you and try to change the path that you walk so when we meet in heaven we can battle again.” Rick then bows and rises up and sees amber staring at him.

“Do you really think that he will go to heaven? I mean he has done so many things to hurt people.” Amber stated with a confused look on her face.

“Yes because I believe everyone should go to heaven because sometimes people do these things to survive and have no choice because this is the life they are born in.” Rick said as he wiped of the blood from his armor and his face.

“Oh my! Are you wounded?!” Amber asked in a concerned voice.

“No, but he was in many ways but none by my sword.” Rick said somberly as he gathered up the rest of his items and said “let’s get going before we have to kill any more of his men.” Amber followed Rick as his words rang in her ears “he was in many ways but none by my sword.”

Rick and Amber continued down the road in silence for a while before amber broke the silence and asked “what did you mean by he was wounded in more ways than one and what do you mean by none by your sword?”

Rick gave a big sigh “that man had a lot of trouble in his past I can feel in just by the way he spoke and the way he swung his axe and even in his weapon choice. He spoke in a very angry but tortured tone, he swung his sword in a violent defensive but hesitant way almost as if he had been trained to swing with his strength wildly with no skill but because of that he has been punished for it so he doesn’t swing to the point of leaving him defenseless, and that leads to his weapon with this it allows him to swing with all his might even though he doesn’t and be as defensive as possible and also if he gets hit with the way his axe is shaped he can grab the hilt of his opponent’s weapon ripping it from their hands and allowing him to get the killing strike. But he never killed his opponent.”

Amber who was startled by the last statement asked him “What?! How do you know that?”

“Because his axe is blood stained correct well the stain isn’t deep enough to be one that he used to land a deep killing blow. He did strike them hard enough and deep enough to make them black out for a while but not enough to make them lose too much blood to kill them making it so him and his partners can steal their goods then leave. Now I have no proof of this but that is what I believe just from fighting him because there were many times he could have killed me but didn’t strike hard enough nor deep enough to even cut my armor.” Rick said while showing his armor.

Amber looked closely and could see where the axe hit but all it did was leave a scratch. “So why did you kill him?”

“Because if I left him as he is, he would have continued to commit crimes and be punished and tortured. Would you want to live that way?”

“No that is why I joined you so I could stop being picked on and show them I am different.”

“Exactly and that is why I killed him and hoped we could meet again. Who knows maybe the god of war might give him a new life and we meet up and his path is changed.” Rick said as he looked up towards the sky and smiled.

Amber smiled as well and looked up knowing Rick was praying for the same thing she was. That Rick’s hope for the bandit leader comes true.

After a while of walking down the path in silence and once again Amber broke the silence again and asked “where are we going?”

“I am guessing this path leads to town and I hope we didn’t get turned around and we end up in Secur City otherwise we are in trouble.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, I heard that they are having a problem with a dragon and also a corrupt government so I am hoping that we can get there to help soon.”

“Lost stranger? How about you little girl?” said a mysterious voice.

“Who is there?!” Amber yelled as she readied her staff.

Rick put his hand on her staff and said “there is no need for that… yet. No we are not lost but could you show yourself? And if you could show us where the next town is that would be great.”

“Oh I haven’t heard a response like that ever. Before I show myself can I ask a few questions?” replied the mysterious voice.

“Sure besides I have questions of my own.” Rick said as he smiled.

“Ok first of all, you do know there is bandits around here and I don’t think a guy like you can handle all of them while protecting the little lady here?” the voice asks.

Amber steps forward angrily to answer but Rick stops her and answers “yes we do know that and we just killed their leader and knocked out a huge group of them also I am not protecting her she can handle herself we are just traveling together and we protect each other.”

“Oh I am sorry madam. Wow, so I heard you two were traveling to Secur City right? Well you are going the wrong way. Why are you two traveling together anyway?” asked the voice as it seemed to get closer.

Amber looks at Rick who looks back telling her that she can answer if she wants. “Well I joined him because I heard about him doing good things to strangers and that he wishes to help other so I joined him so I could show others that I can be a powerful wizard and help others like him.” Answered Amber.

Rick followed up with “And that is why we are going to Secur City to slay the dragon and free the People from their corrupt government.”

“Oh wow then sign me up.” As the man put his arms around the two startling both of them. “I wish to join this noble cause you can call me Matt the assassin.” As he smiled.

“How long have you been behind us?!” Amber yelled.

“Ummmm since I started talking to you two.” Matt said as he remembered back to when he was.

“Don’t do that you could have given us a heart attack!” Amber scolded him. As Rick laughed, “and what is so funny?!” she asked as she stared angrily at Rick.

“I am sorry little missy……” Matt started before he got cut off.

“My name is Amber and don’t you forget it.” Amber yelled.

“Ok ok just calm down I am sorry I am an assassin I do everything very sneaky I can’t help it also it is really fun to see people try to figure out where I am.” Matt joked.

Rick laughed again “Very funny but also you are very good at that. Gather your things and we shall be on our way.”

“Ok follow me!” Matt exclaimed as he marched forward.

“But you didn’t grab anything.” Amber said with a confused tone.

“I am an assassin I don’t carry much besides I already put my belongings in your bags.” Matt said as he continued forward.

“What?!” both Rick and Amber questioned as they looked inside their bags. And indeed Matt had put his things in there already. They both looked at Matt puzzled and then he smiled and they picked up their bags and followed Matt down the path.

After changing direction and heading down this new path for a while they found a small town to stop and relax and restock on supplies. Matt went to look at new swords because his were a bit worn out from the “training” he did on the trees in the forest. Amber walked in to a magic shop to see if they have any books on magic to learn some new spells. Rick found a nice shady tree and decided to climb it and take a nap on this beautiful sunny day. But his nap was interrupted with yelling coming from below him. He was startled which caused him to fall out of the tree and land in front of a farmer that is yelling at him.

“What are you doing in my tree? Are you trying to steal my fruits? Or spy on me? Are you a spy for the king? What gives you rats the right to spy on us and try to convict us of a crime?” the farmer yelled.

“Wait slow down, I am not of the king’s men. I am just a traveling swordsmen trying to help everyone. I wasn’t stealing anything I was just enjoying the beautiful day and taking a nap in your tree I am so sorry.” Apologized Rick.

“Oh I am sorry. But you should ask someone before you come on to their land and nap in there tree!” Screamed the farmer.

“Sorry if I would have known I would have asked. By the way why do you fear your king?” asked Rick.

“Oh we don’t fear him we hate him. All he does is sit on his throne and send spies to find one of us doing something wrong so we can be executed. Sometimes he just kills people for no reason says it is to keep the population down.” The farmer was furious.

“Wow ok well we will stop him for you.” Rick said.

The farmer laughed “you think you can reason with him. Ha, he will kill you before you get the chance to speak.”

“Well if he draws a sword then he has asked for a fight so we will give him one.” Rick said while patting on his sword.

“Well good luck youngster.” The farmer waves and walks away. Soon after Amber and Matt regroup with Rick and Rick tells them all about what just happened.

“Well let’s go help these people out.” Matt said. As they walked towards the castle all the villagers watched in wonder and fear. “Do you think everyone is ok with this?” matt asked as he looked around.

“Well that is why we are going to talk to the king first.” Rick said looking forward with determination.

“What?! I thought we were just going to kill him!” matt said with a surprised tone. “Well then I am going to look at swords more.”

“No, you are coming with because by the sound of it there will be a fight and I need everyone. Also I want to see what you can do.” Said Rick as he grabbed Matt’s collar. Soon they arrived at the draw bridge of the castle and they were greeted by 20 guards bearing swords and spears with many archers on top of the castle aiming them.

“State your business with the king.” Shouted a guard.

“We want to talk so take us to him please.” Rick said with a clam look while holding his sword ready to draw it and attack. The guards moved to the side and gestured them forward. The group walked in still ready for an ambush from the guards that surround them on each side. The giant door in front of them opened up and they walked through. The door slammed shut behind them. They all looked forward as they walked and they saw a towering pyramid of gold with a seat on top. The king was sitting there staring them.

“Who are you? Who sent you? Why are you here?” with a booming voice the king asked.

“I am Rick, she is Amber and he is Matt. We came on our own accord, and we are here to talk.” Shouted Rick in reply. 

“You are not an ally leave this place.” Shouted the king.

“Not until we get answers.” Shouted Matt.

“Then ask your questions and leave.” The King said in an annoyed tone.

“Why do the villagers hate you? And claim that you are sending spies so you can convict them of crimes? And why are you killing people?” Rick asked in an angry tone.

“Ha who cares about those peasants they are a waste of space and air. They are lucky I don’t just obliterate the town and kill them all. The only reason I don’t is because I like to look at the women and I like to see them squirm when I kill some of them.” The King Proudly proclaimed.

“That is horrible, you are a terrible king!” Shouted Amber.

Matt pulls out his knife as he yells “You deserve to be dethroned.”

“I was hoping you would say that, oh guards.” The King said as he pulled out his sword and his guards surrounded the group.

Rick pulls out his sword and prepares to strike. Amber gets a spell ready to wash them all away. Matt puts his knifes away and pulls his daggers ready to kill them all with his lightning strikes. Rick turns to Matt and says “Well you first, let’s see what you can do.”

Matt smiles and says “This will be fun and easy, don’t blink.” Matt vanishes and 20 soldiers scream in pain dropping their weapons and falling to their knees and then falling over dead while the others stare in disbelief then ready their weapons. Rick and Amber smile and charge into battle.

As the battle rages on Rick sees the king jump down from his pedestal and point his sword at Rick. They both charge each other, Rick slicing through soldiers that get in his way. The two clash swords and then jump back before charging in clashing swords again and again. Soon a circle surrounds the two titans as they square up for a fight. Rick readies to strike as the king prepares to counter. Rick then bows and says “you are a great fighter a worthy opponent indeed. But you lack one thing…..”

The King stops, his face turns a bright red in anger, shouting “spit it out you worthless rat!”

Rick smiles and with the lightning quick strike, slicing through his chest, he says “you anger too quickly.” The King falls to his knees in pain his sword drops to the floor. With the clang of the sword the king falls dead in his throne room. All the fighting stops, a silence falls though the room, the soldiers drop the swords, and they all fall to their knees and bow to their new “king”. Rick stands wiping off his blade. Matt still standing smiling giving Rick a thumbs up. Amber stands in awe seeing the great Rick, kill this monstrous man.

The King struggling to hold himself up turns to Rick and says “you fool…….. Ha ha ha.” He then falls and with his last breath he says “you shall die like all the rest……..” His voice trails off. Rick turns to see everyone bowing, he looks at Amber and Matt in confusion. They both shrug indicating they are just as lost as Rick.

One of the knights spoke up “hail the new king!” as all the knights stand and cheer “hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray, all hail the new king…….” The first knight turns to Rick and asks “what is your name, sir”

Rick looks at him “no no no, I am not your king, the people of this land are your king now.”

The Knight looks at him with great concern “but sir they cannot control a kingdom they are just peasants, it must be a noble that takes over the kingdom now or someone who killed the king and that is you.”

Rick angrily states “no man or woman is a noble, they are just because they say they are, every man is equal so it is your jobs to make sure the kingdom is the best it can be in both its citizens and their land. So listen to the people be their protectors make sure that the people around your kingdom are protected as well.”

“But sir….”

“No Buts, this is a direct order from your king” Rick states in a commanding voice.

“Right yes sir.”

“Good I leave you to it I must continue on my journey. I hope to hear many tales of this great kingdom.” Rick says as they leave the castle.

Outside the castle is all the villagers wondering about the king. Rick told them what had happened and what was going to happen from now on, after hearing all this the village cheered and offered many gifts to their new heroes which they turned down all but one a night’s stay at the village inn.

While staying there Matt and Rick had a room and Amber had her room all to herself. While Amber did what she wanted in her room Matt and Rick talked about the route they should take to get to the next town.

“We should go through the woods it would be faster and easier with no bandits.” Said Matt.

“The bandits are the exact reason we should take the road it may be longer but if we stop the bandits then there won’t be any more killings on the road. Besides the woods are much more dangerous than the roads with the animals and bears.” Rick argued.

“Bandits are more of a threat than a bear would be. But I do agree that if we take the road we can stop the bandits and maybe find their hideout.” Matt said to himself, or so he thought.

“That settles that then we take the roads in the morning.” Rick said excitedly.

“Wait What?! I didn’t mean….. Fine” Matt said angrily.

The next morning Rick told Amber what is going on today, she agreed happily while looking at Matt. So they gathered the rest of their supplies they will need and waved to everyone they passed as they left the village.

As they traveled down the road Matt would scout ahead a bit and see if there was any bandits or people heading there way. Matt jumps down from a tree right in front of Amber, who ran into Matt causing her to fall, Matt turned to Rick and told him “a group of bandits have stopped a caravan and they have already injured one of the people on board, they are looking for you.” Right after finishing telling Rick what is going on Matt turned and said “sorry short stuff did I knock you down?”

Rick yelled to them as he took off “Knock it off you two let’s go!” all three ran down the trail as fast as they could.

As they arrived Amber Trips Matt, Matt Snarls at Amber as she Smiles. Rick draws he sword yelling “let them go now!”

The bandit “leader” stepped forward “no we have heard the stories about you and your group so we set up a trap and we got the supreme commander to come and take you out so you can’t interfere with our plans.” Rick opened his mouth to say something but just as he did a mountain of a man appeared from out of the darkness behind the leader, this man was 10 feet tall with an axe the size of a small house wearing full body armor except for his arms.

“You must be the supreme commander?” Rick stated as he readied himself.

“No!” shouted a tiny voice from nowhere “I am the supreme commander! My name is The Mouse, or to you, your doom.” before the mountainous man stood a tiny man with his rapier drawn, this man was 2 feet tall thin but muscly and quick.

“Oh ok, leave these people out of this this is between you and me not them let them go!” Rick Demanded.

“Why should we listen to you? We have you surrounded and outnumbered we should be giving the demands not you.” Laughed The Mouse.

Rick looked at him angrily “because I am who you want not them! Just let my mage heal the injured and let them leave and you will have your duel.”

The Mouse pondered this for a second “fine but as soon as they leave I will have my duel with you and my minions will kill the other two.”

Rick waved to Amber who was scowling at Matt, she ran to the caravan and healed the injured man. The caravan took off as soon as it could with Amber standing in its place with her wand ready. Matt wished Rick luck as he draws his daggers and stands opposite Amber. Rick steps forward, wishes The Mouse a good match and readies himself.

The Mouse Smiles turns to his minions and says “have at them this one is mine.” All the minions surround Matt and Amber. The Mouse readies himself as his grin grew bigger. Rick and The Mouse charged at one another both just as skilled blocking and parrying each other’s attacks with no sign of stopping.

Amber now surrounded by bandits readied a spell. Using her staff as a (pole for pole vaulting) and leaped into the air then launching her spell into the middle of the bandits and sending all of them flying. As she lands a large bandit stood before her preparing to swing. She braces herself for the hit but then matt swooped in and blocked the attack and sliced the bandit’s legs so he could not stand. And as fast as he arrived he left saying “too slow princess.” Amber now angry that he stole her moment of glory started to chase after him but was blocked by the bandits.

Matt having saw that laughed as her dove back into the pile of bandits he had escaped from before. He knocked all of them into the air with ease. As more charged him he pulled out his sword and engaged them all in battle saying “one on 12 isn’t fair…… for you! Ha!”

Rick and The Mouse were matching each other blow for blow neither being able to land a hit. The mouse grinned jumped back and yelled “now Roots!” The mountainous man swung his giant axe down on top of Rick. Rick jumped to the side just in time to only get part of his clothes ripped off. With his lightning speed Rick jolted at the big man and cut him clean open killing him where he stood. Shocked The Mouse watched his friend get killed. He then angrily charged Rick who blocked his attack and then they were back at it. Both unable to hit the other.

After killing all the bandits Amber lowered her staff and looked around. Suddenly feeling someone leaning on her which startled her causing her to jump and ready her staff. “Easy short stuff I will admit you did a good job for a half pint.” Joked Matt as he leaned against a tree to watch the epic battle between Rick and The Mouse. Amber readied a fireball “You want to call me that again?” she then lowered it when Matt waved it off and looked worried as she asked “don’t you think we should help?”

“Why he is winning don’t you see?” Matt said jokingly.

“He is? How do you know they look evenly matched?” Amber still very puzzled.

Matt laughed “you would see it if you were a little taller!” as he jumped into the trees to get a better view.

Amber looked back at the fight and he could see that The Mouse was tiring himself out. While Rick was barely breaking a Sweat. Rick had The Mouse beat by a long Shot but he wanted to tire The Mouse out before finishing this battle.

Rick jumped back and then suddenly lunged forward and struck The Mouse across the chest knocking him to the ground. Rick stood above The Mouse saying “Give up you have lost, you have no men left and you have no strength left.”

The Mouse Yelled Back in an angry tone “I will never give up to the likes of you, my men mean nothing I can get more!!” The Mouse jumped up and swung at Rick. With ease Rick dodged the sword and with a back swing slashed across The Mouse’s Back. With a painful wail The Mouse Fell to the ground as the blood gushed out of his back. The Mouse Rolled over. With a painful gasp he said “You will never beat the master, he would never lose to a worthless swordsmen like you…..” As his voice trailed off The Mouse died.

Rick turned to Matt and said “scout ahead and make sure those people are safe.” Matt nodded and took off. Amber looked at Rick with admiration. Rick then turned to Amber and said “shall we?”

With a smile she said “Of Course!” as she ran up to his side. They then continued down the trail. Suddenly out of nowhere Matt jumped out of a tree and landed right in front of Amber.

“Road is clear and the people are safely at the next town.” Matt looks behind him and says jokingly “oh hi short stuff, I didn’t see you there from a tree you look like an ant.”

Amber with an angry look set his butt on fire. Matt jumped forward patting his butt out. “Oops my staff randomly went off.” Amber said as she gave Matt a sinister look. Matt glared at her as he put the last of the flames out. All Rick could do was laugh at the two.

“You know the ones who tease and fight with each other are said to have feelings for each other.” Rick said jokingly.

“I do not!!!” Matt and Amber said simultaneously. They look at each other and immediately look away angrily. Rick had a small laugh.

They soon came to the town. The people from the caravan rushed to them thanking them for what they have done and offered to pay them and Matt took it and said “thank you” Rick immediately took it back and said “and here is what I wish to give to you in return.” The people said “no no you should keep it.” But Rick said “I can’t take from those who need it no matter what.” The people thanked him and headed into town.

Matt looked disappointed and said “I had it in my hands.”

Rick put his arm on his shoulder and said “You know what is better than money, other people’s happiness.” Matt Still looked down but agreed. Rick with a smile hit him on the back and said “that a boy now let’s get going!”

Amber laughed as she looked around and soon got mesmerized by a beautiful staff with an energizing crystal. “aaaaahhh the beautiful lady wants a beautiful staff. I got a better staff for you in the back come with me.” Said the merchant. Hesitantly Amber Follows, she prepares her staff just in case. Suddenly she is jumped by three people and tied up. A female walks up and says “Bad luck mage.” As she hits Amber across the head knocking her out.

Unknown to the kidnappers Matt, who was looking for a way to get back at Amber, saw it all and ran to Rick to tell him what has happened. Both dropped what they had on them and ran to where Matt saw the kidnappers. They looked in the distance and saw the caravan leaving. Knowing they could not catch up by foot they charged into the merchant’s shop. Rick Grabbed the merchant and threw him against a wall saying “where are they taking her!?”

The merchant begged for mercy and claimed he had no idea what they were talking about. Playing with his knife, Matt said “I wouldn’t mess with this guy he killed a king and a leader of thieves all by himself….. With little effort I might add.”

The merchant now terrified looked at Rick and tried to crawl away. Rick grabbed the merchant and lifted him off the ground and said “if you don’t tell me where they went they will need many coffins for your many pieces I am going to cut you into!” The merchant now more scared begged to spare him, he will help, and he offered to take them right to the kidnappers as long as they spare him. Rick threw him to the floor “any tricks and your life will end quicker than you can say help.” Gathering in the merchant’s caravan they took off towards the kidnappers.

While in the caravan Matt looked back at the town and tried to see if this is where the kidnappers had taken Amber, he then turned to Rick and stated “looks like we are on the right trail.”

Rick with the sword held up to the merchants back said “well if he refuses then we start cutting off limbs.”

Matt nodded and said “can I do the first cut he apparently isn’t scared of me yet.” Rick nodded and pulled the sword back so he could find a comfortable place to sit.

“You want to threaten him for a while?” Rick offered. Matt shook his head. Soon the caravan came to a stop. Rick looked over and said “are we there?”

The merchant opened the back and said “this is as far as I can take you but it is right over that hill.” Matt immediately grabbed the merchant pulling him to the front of the caravan and said “nope if you broke one of your “clans” rules then you will die like the rest and if you lied to us then you die as well.”

Rick opened one eye and said “don’t you think that is two negative consequences if he helps us? I mean he did help us after all so we should spare him.”

Matt looked very annoyed by that remark turned back to the merchant and said “fine we will spare you but if we find you doing this crap again I won’t hesitate to cut your head off.” The Merchant who was profusely sweating stuttered “R..R..Right S… Sir, I W…. W… won’t lie or do this again.” He hopped back onto the caravan and took them over the hill.


After a small time had passed the caravan came to another stop and the merchant said “we are here.” Rick and Matt both look outside the caravan for an ambush. With none to be seen they step out and the merchant meets them and says “I will take you to our leader and then I shall leave.”

Rick looks at the merchant and says “that seems fair thank you for your cooperation.” Rick walks by the merchant as Matt gives him a look that struck fear into the merchants face.

The merchant leads them to a tent and walks in then opens the curtain for Rick and Matt. Inside a woman with tanned skin and big muscles sits on a throne made of slaves. The merchant goes to the woman and explains what is happening and as soon as he finishes she gives Rick and Mat an angry stare as she stands up and towers another 2 feet above the merchant. Rick and Matt are unmoved as they put their hands on their weapons staring at the woman and looking at her cronies.

Rick unsheathes his weapon and says to the woman “we want our friend back.” He points his sword at her. She then reaches behind her throne and pulls out a spear with a large tip.

With a booming voice the woman says “once they are here they are mine forever. And I don’t know who you are but you need to leave if you want to live.” She motions to her cronies to close in.

Matt pulls out his weapons and says “I have the keys if you want me to find her or I can help you kill everyone here?” Rick shakes his head as he grins and readies his weapon. Matt Laughs and says “try not to get too bloodied up you know Amber hates when you get hurt. Also I hate cleaning up your clothes.” Rick laughs then nods and off the two go, Rick jumps towards one of the cronies as Matt slashes the one guarding the door and takes off towards the other tents.

With the agonizing cries of enemies behind him, Matt rushes towards the tents. Two guards jump out from behind some tents and charge at Matt with no hesitation at all leaps into the air and lands behind the guards and slashes both across the back before they turn around and receive another onslaught of stabs and slashes from Matt. The two guards fall flat as Matt rushes forward checking each tent and releasing anyone he came across.

Meanwhile Rick is surrounded by many guards, slaves and amazons. They rush him, with his lighting fast reflexes and strikes he takes them down one by one. After they all fall, Rick is left face to face with the tall amazon like woman, her spear ready to strike. Rick stands there with a glare that would strike fear into anyone’s heart. The amazon queen trembles slightly but shakes it off before rushing in spear first. Rick dodges the attack and strikes the amazon queen’s back. The amazon queen screams from the strike and jumps back to ready herself for another attack, rick stands there with that stare again. This time the amazon queen takes a step back and calls for more reinforcements. Suddenly the tent falls to reveal hundreds of guards and other amazons surrounding the tent. Rick doesn’t move his stare from the amazon queen.

A little distance away, matt has a small army as he continues to search tents. Some tents contain more guards and soldiers which Matt strikes down instantly. One tent he finds heavily guarded, after cutting down all the guards he goes to unlock the prisoner. The prisoner rises from his cell and says “my name is Koty, I will help you fight but first we must find my swords.”

Matt smiles and says “I have an idea where they are.” Thinking back to one of the tents that contained lots of chests he was going to loot later. “Here follow me.” Matt said as he charged forward. Koty followed him with great speed. Once they arrived at the tent Koty grabbed one large buster sword and two katanas, he slung the largest of the three blades across his back and put the other two on his belt. The other prisoners grabbed some weapons too. Matt on the other hand was grabbing priceless jewels and gold coin.

One prisoner grabbed Amber’s staff, Matt jumped up and swiped it from him and said “this is my friends no one is to touch this but me.” Koty laughed as he pulled the katanas out and said “let’s find your friend and kill these bastards.” Matt, with his pockets full smiled and agreed before they all charged out of the tent.

Rick still staring at the amazon queen as enemies charged at him and he struck them down in one blow. Rick thought to himself “she is going to pay for all she has done to all of these people.” Suddenly Rick, breaking his stare at the amazon queen, jumped back as a giant axe and hammer fell towards him after landing rick looked up more amazons with bigger weapons, he then realized no matter how many he cut down more take their place. He readies himself to take on the amazons as they charge him. He charges forward now in a struggle to keep up with the flurry of attacks.

Soon Rick stands in the middle tired and worn, with his breath heavy he stands firm ready for the next set of attacks. Just before the amazons start their charge, a yell comes from the distance. The amazons pause and look around. Suddenly a large explosion and the sound of clashing swords is heard. Rick looks it is Matt and Amber and the prisoners fighting their way to the middle where Rick stands. Rick over joyed he finds a second wind and starts to slash down enemies, to make the center circle bigger, as they watch the group of prisoners charge towards them.

Once the group meets up with Rick, he turns and faces the amazon queen with the burning fire in his eyes. Rick starts to move towards the amazon queen as the prisoners scatter and start to strike down the guards, as Matt, Amber and Koty start to slay the mighty amazons and protect the ones who cannot fight.

Rick is only a few feet from the amazon queen before five large amazons step in his way. These amazons were unlike the others they were dressed in black and wielded two dagger-like swords. Rick prepared to fight as they drew their swords the first one jumped at him rick dodged the strike and swiftly decapitated the amazon at he charged and stabbed one amazon straight through the heart, forcing her to drop like a stone. Rick turned blocking the two incoming attacks and swiftly killed the attackers. The last of these amazons threw her daggers away and reached behind her and drew a mighty blade. With lightning speed, which rick could barely keep up with, she struck at Rick’s back. Rick was just barely able to block it, then rick grabbed one of the daggers she threw away and cut open her stomach and then stabbed her through the neck. Rick now only a few steps away from the amazon queen, they both draw their weapons. They both stare each other down as they both prepare for a strike.

Meanwhile Matt and Amber are taunting each other as they slice down opponent after opponent. “You call that a spell?” taunted Matt. “What a weak sword, it is so small. But the other two look ok.” Retaliated Amber. “You’re just jealous because you don’t have a boyfriend.” Matt taunted again. “Oh and you do?” amber answered jokingly. “No but….” Matt was interrupted but a large amazon who he swiftly killed. “Weak sword huh?” Matt said as he showed off his skills. “You call that a kill?” Amber laughed as she shot a spell into a crowd of people which exploded with enough force to knock Amber to the ground. “Ha ha ha, ok you got me there but at least I don’t get captured from a simple trick!” Matt taunted. “Enough you two, if you are going to keep doing that right now go get a room!” Koty said jokingly as he cut two amazons in half with his large sword. “We are not like that!” Matt and Amber yelled simultaneously. Both look at each other and then look away. “I disagree. Ha ha ha.” Koty Laughed.

Rick and the amazon queen jump at each other swords clash and Rick says to the amazon “I will make sure this operation ends and never occurs again. Starting with you!” The amazon queen jumps back and says “ha you think you can kill me!” She charges forward again Rick this time jumps to the side dodging her attack and slices her arm from shoulder to elbow. “I don’t think I know! I am just making sure you are punished for your crimes against all these people!” Rick yells as He charges in slicing down her leg, the amazon drops to the ground with Rick standing just out of her reach “now tell them to surrender or die!” the amazon queen says “never.” Rick smiles and says “I thought you would say that,” he then stabs his sword though her leg as says “now don’t go anywhere.”

Rick rejoins with Matt, Amber, and Koty and asks “how many left?” Matt chimes up saying “35…” he slices the head off of two amazons “make that 33.” Rick smiles “leave four alive I have something special for them.” Matt, Amber, and Koty all nod in agreement as they all jump into the fight and start to kill them one by one. Rick looks over at the amazon queen as she tries to crawl away. Rick Furious kills an amazon with a spear and takes the spear and stabs the amazon queen through the leg again but this time forcing in in deep enough she can’t move. “What do you not understand about stay or I will kill you!” Rick said with a ferocious look on his face terrifying the amazon queen as she nods her head.

After 20 minutes, Rick and the others bring the four amazons they promised. All the prisoners and slaves now gathered around the queen and the captives chanting “death to them all!” Rick hushes the crowd. Looking at the queen, Rick says “for her acts of slavery and kidnapping the amazon queen is to be sentenced to torture before death.” The crowd cheers. Again hushing the crowd Rick says “let us begin…. First up it the up close and personal death of her partners.” One by one they were brought up and while looking at their queen they were slaughtered. As each one was killed the crowd cheered louder and louder, Rick hushed them again “and now for kidnapping my friend you will die. She has the honor.” Rick steps away as Amber steps forward with a spell already prepped. “You have done things to these people, others only hear about in nightmares for that you will burn in the fires of hell and die in the light of god’s judgement.” Amber raises her staff to the air and suddenly a ray of light starts to shine on the amazon queen frying her where she lays. “There is an evil that will avenge me and my people, he will cause a new era of darkness I was only the first step! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.” She laughs until she dies from being fried. Everyone looks around worried as Rick steps up and says with confidence “and we will be here to stop him and protect everyone in this world,” as Matt Amber and Koty stand behind Rick “because if he wants to end the world he can try but he must kill us and anyone who wishes to stand against him.” The crowd now filled with hope and determination cheer.

Soon after they all start to gather there things and prepare to head out. Matt goes back to gather more treasure, Amber goes through their books to find a magic book to get better magic, Koty and Rick start to help all the prisoners find their belongings and get them ready for the journey. While helping the prisoners, Rick finds a familiar face, it is the merchant hiding behind some of the chests full of people’s belongings. “I thought you were going to leave?” Rick said with a smile. “please don’t kill me I did what I was asked.” Screamed the merchant shaking with fear. “Kill you? We told you, you can leave once you took us to the leader. But since you are here do you mind taking us back to town and guiding all the prisoners back as well?” Rick asked politely. The merchant still trembling “Of course sir. Right away.” He said as he got up in a hurry. Rick grabbed him saying “calm down we are not mad at you we won’t kill you ok? Are we good?” this calmed the merchant “thank you sir, that is very assuring.” As the merchant walked off with a bit of a smile on his face.

Rick then walked and helped pack up the caravans. He looked around and didn’t see Matt or Amber, he asked Koty and he giggled and said “who knows, they could be in any tent here.” Rick smiled and went to find them as he got sight of them he ducked down and started to listen. Matt said “just so you know I am better than you.” Amber pushed him and said “yeah right who says that you?” “Well you were the one to get captured and I saved you.” Boasted Matt. “Oh so you watched me get captured then came to save me to……. impress me?” Amber Jokingly said. “What!? No no never I would rather let you die than do that!” Rick stands up and says “really you were the one who came running to me telling me we need to save her, and brought me to the merchant and you were the one to take the key and go save her.” Matt yells “are you kidding me you too!?” “Alright, alright you two can sort this out on the way back so come on.” Rick says with a smile and a wave of his hand.

They all pile into the caravans. After making sure everyone is safely on board the caravan starts to move. Everyone takes naps or shares stories of what happened to them. Rick, Matt, Amber, and Koty sit around talking about this enemy the amazon queen talked about. Koty was the first to chime up “I suppose I should tell you who I am and why I am here…” Rick looked at Koty with a very interested look before saying “no matter who you were or what you plan to do remember you are a good person and you are very welcome on this team.” Koty smiled and said “thank you…. Now, I am one of the last guardians of the seal to the evil one, the only way the seal can be broken is by a powerful spell or if there is more evil in the world than good. While guarding it, it started to crack so that tells me that more evil is appearing in the world but we do not know how long it will last before the seal is broken then if it is broken it will take three years to awaken the evil one. So we must stop the evil and wrong doings in the world, that is why I was here the amazon queen was one of the evil ones servants while he ruled, so I had to get captured to find where she was hiding so I did, but I couldn’t escape I was out numbered every time.”

Rick sat there stunned but understood and was quick to agree that was the group’s next objective. Matt agreed while he glared at Amber plotting a way to get back at her. Amber did the same before jabbing at Matt’s foot with her staff. Rick Laughed and said “if you two need a room we can leave.” Koty without missing a beat said “we ‘grown ups’ can handle the planning if you two want a play date.” The two laughed as Matt and Amber growled at each other in anger.

Soon after finishing the plan to stay in the town one more night to stock up on supplies and get some rest, Koty turned to Matt and asked “hey can I see those swords of yours you are quite skilled with them I want to see if there is something about these swords.” Matt agreed and handed them over with a smile feeling good about being complimented on his skills. “They look a bit worn and in need of repair…” just before Koty could finish his sentence Matt’s sword scattered in his hands. Matt in utter shock just dropped to the floor trying to pick up the pieces of his sword but as he grabbed them they shattered even more. Amber just Laughing until Rick gave her a stern look, she quickly used a spell which picked up all the pieces and put them on a cloth Amber neatly laid out. Koty said “at least you have the treasure and money to buy new ones.” Which caused Matt to perk up and jump for joy “YAY!!” I am getting new swords.” “That didn’t take long.” Joked Rick.

Soon the caravan came to a stop and with a yell the merchant said “we have arrived!” An uproar erupted from the caravan, everyone was overjoyed about being home. Rick, Koty, Matt, and Amber helped the prisoners gather all their belongings, soon they will all be reunited with their families and friends. “I am going to the sword shop to get new swords see you guys in a bit.” Matt said as he waved. Koty started to chase after him and shouted “hey wait up I need to stop there too.” “NO!!!” Matt yelled while holding the cloth full of his broken swords “you will not destroy any more of my swords!” Koty stuck by his words took a step back while apologizing again. “Hey be nice to our new teammate….. come on Koty lets go see a play and stop by the library to get some books maybe by then someone will be nicer.” Amber said as she grabbed Koty’s arm. Rick looked around and said to himself “time to find a tree and get some sleep in before bed time.” With a smile he walked off.

Soon Matt found a sword shop, he walked in and asked “can you fix this or something?” the Merchant laughs and says “you have got to be kidding me? If you don’t have an actual sword or money to buy one get out!” Matt says “I have plenty of money!” he pulls out some of the gold coins and treasure from his pockets “now what have you got?!” the merchant in sheer astonishment says “give me a bit….”as he rushes off to get something from the back. After much banging around and clashing of metal he brings out four swords, none of which impress Matt. So the merchant goes back and brings out more swords, this time one catches Matt’s eye a black blade with a black handle. As soon as he grabs it a shadow jumps out of the blade that looks just like Matt, this shadow grabs the sword and yells “my name is Ttam, you are a fool!” and suddenly he starts to swing wildly and trashes the store before running off.

The store owner hands Matt a white sword with a white handle and says “kill him and get me my swords back thief.” “Thief I am not but I will return your swords don’t worry then I will buy some.” Matt says as he grabs the sword. As soon as he grabs it the sword glows in his hand and then as soon as it stops glowing Matt runs out the door. The store owner astonished is left speechless at what he just saw.

Matt runs around town following Ttam’s path of destruction. Finally he finds Ttam in a lions pit taunting Matt to follow him, Matt Jumps with no hesitation. Running past lions, hitting some with the pommel of the sword knocking them unconscious, he looks ahead and sees Ttam Make a pit that he jumps into. Without the slightest pause Matt jumps in pursuit of Ttam. It seems like he is falling forever before finally landing in a small underground pond, he climbs out and suddenly a large swarm of bats fly towards him. He starts to cut them down and dodge them as much as he can, all the while pushing forward. After finally getting though the bats he sees Ttam make another pit which he taunts Matt as he jumps down, which Matt follows with haste. 

This fall not nearly as far, Matt lands on a platform of some kind. He peeks over the edge to see a grid patterned floor and what looks to be pawns from a chess board. “Welcome to giant chess beat me and you progress!” Ttam yells from atop the king of the opposing side. “I shall go first… Pawn forward two spaces.” Suddenly a pawn rises in the air and moves forward, then with a mighty slam the pawn falls onto the space he was instructed to go to. The ground shook, Matt wasn’t fazed as he looked around for his first move. He paused only for a second before saying “pawn forward one…” with the pawns seeming to read his mind a pawn moves forward and Matt smiles before saying “this will be fun taking you down.” “This is only the beginning… and it is my turn.” Ttam said with a sinister grin.

Turn after turn the two moved their pieces until finally, “queen left one, take his knight!” yelled Matt. The queen moved but stopped short and suddenly the pieces came to life and she grabbed the knight, and with a whinny and a yell, the queen tossed them off the board, they landed with a thunderous crash, and the queen took their spot. Matt was shocked as he looked to Ttam and gave him a smile. Ttam now furious turns to his other knight and says “you will have your revenge little one, but for now you wait.” Ttam looks over his options and moves one of his pawns forward to draw out an attack. Matt smiles “I can’t wait to see this, let’s take the one he so kindly gave us, right pawn!”

After several moves of taking each other’s pieces and Matt still in the lead, Ttam’s king looks to be getting cornered, Ttam shouts out “now knight take your revenge on his queen!” the knight does as he is told, he takes the spot of the queen with a small giggle. Ttam with a smile says “now what loser, you can’t do anything.” Matt laughs a bit and says “you missed someone” as Matt points to one of his pawns who moves forward and becomes a queen, “and that is checkmate. I think that revenge is not worth it if you lose too.” Ttam in utter shock creates two pits below himself and Matt and both fall.

Matt lands and finds himself in what seems to be a long corridor with no way other than forward. He draws his swords and moves forward with a threatening walk. Suddenly out of nowhere Matt hears Ttam’s voice “this is a Maze if you can complete it then you are granted a fight with me one on one just strength versus strength.” Matt puts his swords away and smiles “deal, see you soon.” Matt takes off and takes corner after corner with break neck speed, but soon he comes to a screeching halt. “oops did I forget about the other monsters in here to stop you, ha ha ha!” Ttam Laughed. “are you kidding me this is the best day of my life!” Matt said with a smile as he chopped off the monster’s head. Ttam now even more furious “Fine prepare to die by my hands soon!”

Soon Matt came to what seemed like another pit created by Ttam, he pauses only for a second to wipe the blood from his blades before jumping down. Matt lands in what seems to be an arena. Ttam lands on the other side as well with an angry expression on his face and sword drawn, Matt slowly pulls his swords out. Both prepare to strike, Ttam mimicking Matts movements, both charge with great speed and force. The swords clash with shatter Matt’s other sword, but with no time for remorse it was a battle white sword versus black sword. As Matt and Ttam continue to fight the swords glow brighter and brighter but blinded by the thirst of battle the two did not notice this. Clash after clash neither giving an inch. Soon the swords started to spark with the amount of force each of them were using to strike at the other. Matt jumps back and says “time to get serious no holding back for either of us!” “About time!” yelled Ttam as he charged in with much greater speed than before, Matt wasting no time did the same. Once again the two titans clashes sending a shockwave out causing the stalactites to come crashing to the ground and the stalagmites to crumble.

After three or four clashes Ttam jumps back and shouts “stop! I have seen enough… you are worthy of carrying us.” Matt looking confused finally sees that the sword he is carrying is glowing a very bright white while Ttam’s sword is glowing a very dark black. “What do you mean? I have yet to win.” Matt said with a very confused face “and what is happening to our swords?” “all will be explained soon, just know we were testing you and you have passed with flying colors. Here the sword is yours I hope you will accept this gift and use us to our fullest.” Ttam said while he held out the sword for Matt to grab. Matt takes the sword, upon taking it his scabbards are replaced with new ones for the two mysterious swords, “thank you I will take these and use you to your fullest every encounter thank you.” Ttam gives a smile as a pit appears and they both fall.

Suddenly he appears outside the weapon shop still holding the two swords, he smiles and walks inside. The owner looks at him and smiles “you made it congrats, now that they have chosen you would you like to hear about them and what you just went through?” “Yes, but first did you know? Did you know this was going to happen?” Matt said with a slight look of confusion.

“A long time ago the ancients made a pair of swords one to symbolize light the other to symbolize dark, these two swords were to never be separated for without the other you could not draw it from its sheath. These swords were not only made with magic but imbued with powers that only could make the wielder and the swords as one. But user after user they all did not meet the standards of the two swords so they came up with the idea to make trials before letting someone use them. These trials are courage, wits, and strength. Each to test the challenger’s moral compass, his bloodlust, and his doubts. Many have tried to complete these trials but none succeeded. Soon it came into my possession and again many have tried all have failed, but these swords sensed you had what it took they wanted to test you and you have succeeded and I assume you saw the swords glow? That is their happiness that they have finally found what they are looking for. And because of that they will trust and speak with you as I hope you do the same. So for conquering this challenge I am giving you them for free.” The owner smiled as he finished his speech.




Koty and Amber go to a play about the defeat of the evil one, Koty stands and tells actual story everyone is hopeful and joyous, play writes want to talk to him about it, they do, Amber and Koty sense something in the bushes next to them.







Getting lost in the woods and having to duel a bear which they meet a traveling circus who tries to trap them there and then they have to have a duel with the master clown.

New ideas



Stolen items


[This is not used in the story it was part of the revision but I took it out I am leaving it here because I might use it in the end.]

It seems that what is happening in Secur City might be happening here.

In this new town the boy stocked up on supplies and got ready to head to out on a new adventure. As he walked down the path, he believed wherever he was about to go, though unsure where this journey would lead, he would offer his help whenever he could to everyone he was about to meet. 

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