Amber and The Black Unicorn

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Amber came to visit her grandma, who she has not met in her life. Her grandma dose not believe in going outside the gates surounding her home. One day she sneaked outside and adventured through the backyard. She finds out that the backyard is home to a black unicorn.

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012



Amber did not like the idea of going to her grandmother's house for the summer. She had never even met her before. Amber's mom,Sarah,always told that she got her brown hair and green eyes came from grandma Ruth, but other than that she knew nothing about her. To make matters worse she had to bring her seven year old sister Lisa with her. They were in her mom's car driving towards Tennesee.

"Mom, you know that me and Lisa do not get along," Amber had told her mom.

"Your grandma has not seen you since you were only four months old and she never even met your sister," her mom had replied, "Just give your grandma a break for a month. Promise that you and your sister will behave while you are away."

"Ok, but please tell Lisa to leave her dolls at home. They creep me out," pleded Amber.

"That is up to your sister. Now go get packed," she told Amber.

It was seven in the afternoon when they got to their grandma's house. Her mom was going to spend the night at the house the head home the next day.The house looked more like a cottage with a realy big iron door. The door looked like it was there to keep somthing out. There were huge gate going as far as the eye can see that were surounding the backyard.Suddenly the iron door opened and a wrincled faced lady came into view.

"Mom,"Sarah exclamed.

Amber's mom ran to hug grandma.

"These are the kids?" asked her grandma.

"Mom, this is Amber and Lisa," replied Amber's mom.

"Amber my you have grown since the last time I saw you and Lisa I am glad I have finnaly got to meet my other grandchild," she said, "Amber, how old are you?"

"Tweleve years old," replied Amber.

"I am seven, grandma," bultered Lisa.

"That nice dear. Now I think it is time for supper," suggest grandma.

They went inside. Amber took a deep breath and found out that her grandma house smells like a mix of mothballs and clay. She took them to the dinning room where a table set with a linen table cloth on it. They sat down and had somthing that looked like the meat in theLunch Room.

"I do not know how I will surrive for the rest of this moth off food that looks like this" thought Amber.

After dinner grandma took them into the livining room to talk about some rules.

" Rule #1 The lights go out at 9:30. Rule #2 No food in the bedrooms. Rule #3 Do not slide around in socks. Finnaly Rule #4 Do not, ever go outside the gates after dark or at anytime at that matter. Everyone understand? Great," said grandma.

"Why can can't we go outside the gates?" asked Lisa.

"Because I said so," replied grandma.

"Now it is time for all of you to get in your bed," mom said.

Lisa and Amber went to bed still wondering why in the world could be outside the big iron gate. . This thought is what Amber went to bed on.

The next morning she woke up to find out that the house's smell had changed. Now the house smelled like sausage.

"Good morning sleepy head," her mother had said to her.

"What time is it?" Amber asked.

"Around 7," answered her mom,"Would you like some breakfast,"

"Sure," she said.

A plate bright red plate was placed in front of her. She took in a deep breath. The food smelled like normal breakfast, it just looked weird. Thefood looked like a mix between bacon and eggs. Somthing like that or a mutation of both. She ate it all.

"Mom, what is their to do in this house?" asked Amber.

"You could always help me pack," replied her mom.

"I mean something that is fun," Amber said.

"Well you could still help me pack," her mom said again.

"Well, ok," finally answered Amber

Amberhelped her mom pack up and help load the car for her departure. Amber thought about breaking the one rule that she was given. She steped up to the iron gate and pull open the bolt. The dooropened and nearly fell off the hinges doing so. Amber steeped out of the gates so she could smell the first real smell of fresh air. Amber had always loved the outdoors. Even when she was little she enjoyed to play and adventure.

The only thing that Amber did not know is how much trouble she had just put her family in by opening that gate. The gate was ment to keep something dangerous locked up and sealed away from human eyes. Now that the gate is open the "thing"is free.

Amber went deeper and deeper into the forest trying to find any possible living things. Suddenly she heard a twig snap and something ran by. Amber could not believe what she was seeing. Standing right in front of her was a unicorn, black as night. Amber had beentold that unicorns did not exist. The whole world was told they did not because the truth is unicorns are evil creatures.

The unicorn charged at Amber. Not having time to think she ran. Legs pumpingand arms swining sheran faster and faster till she came to a ledge.

"Oh, no,"she thought with worry.

Thinking it was all over Amber passed out. When she awoke she found herself at the gate. Her grandmother saw her laying there and came running.

"Amber, are you ok," her grandma asked.

"Yes," she answered dazed.

Amber decided never again togo near that gate. A monthlater she was headed home. Amber never did find out who saved her, well not yet, but when she came back to visit her grandma she never again opened that gate.

She will always believe in UNICORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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