Still Fighting the Good Fight

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A spirited commentary about the the Women’s Liberation movement and where we are now.

Submitted: May 30, 2014

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Submitted: May 30, 2014




I understand what information is out there in books, cyberspace, podcast, articles, workshops, seminars and in the classroom as it relates to issues of empowerment. Did I cover all mass communication mediums? If I didn't, I think you can fill it in.

In 1854 Susan B. Anthony, circulated petitions for married women’s property rights and woman suffrage. She was refused permission to speak at the Capitol and the Smithsonian in Washington. It was during this time she began her New York State campaign for woman suffrage. She traveled and spoke out alone. Here we are 160 years later, we no longer have to “ask permission” to speak. However, are we still seeking approval as women? 


The struggle was real. The Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham- has a wing dedicated to Women Rights. In the 1960’s awareness of racial inequality in it self was a very profound period. Rights were focused on more than racial equality but the more important issue of Human Rights and equality. The issue of women rights was never put to rest -it just simmered a little. Two publications- The Second Sex,(1953) by Simone Beauvoir and the Feminine Mystique (1963) by Betty Friedan, were key to birthing the more Woman’s Liberation Movement.

The 1970’s saw a full feminist movement emerge out of the 1960’s. Political, Salaries, Jobs and status were all topics in the forefront. Feminist like: Bella Abzug, Shirley Chisholm and Gloria Steinem were nationally recognized leaders and known for being part of the Women’s Liberation Movement during a time we needed a movement.


What about equal pay for equal work, is this still a challenge? According to the  

National Partnership for Women & Families, (NCPE) women make only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. It has been at this rate for nearly ten years. Sarah Crawford, Director of Workplace Fairness at the National Partnership for Women and Families, states:” we don’t expect the gap to close for four more decades.”  What does this information mean to women? How does it make us feel about ourselves? Are we undervalued, marginalized and seeking validation?

So, back to the books, podcast, cyberspace, seminars,lectures, blogs all surrounding the topic of Women and Empowerment, Self Worth, Taking Ownership, Positions of Leadership and Salaries- 

Do we need to initiate a newly formed Women’s Rights movement today? 

Are we are still fighting the good fight in 2014? 


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