This Winter

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A poem of the dark winter days and the depression that follows...

Submitted: April 03, 2014

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Submitted: April 03, 2014



This Winter


I’m going to die this winter – don’t ask me how I know

I shall cry this autumn, I’m waiting for the snow

The sunlight’s slowly fading, it won’t return ‘till spring

I feel the cold wind blowing, embrace its icy sting

I’m going to die this winter and I will not awake

You can’t say ‘Love’s forever’ when it’s your soul at stake

The only thing to save me, is warmth when days are cold

And knowing that you’ll love me when we are frail and old

I’m going to die this winter, because you can’t be there

I know it seems a tragedy, but who said life was fair?

I need your strength to save me, to help me when I fall

To hold my soul together and answer every call

But you’re not here this winter – not here to keep me sane

And winter’s surely coming to break my heart again

You tried your best to help me, and might have made a change

But happiness at winter is a concept I find strange

So here’s to you this winter, I hope you’ll be okay

Don’t think about my suffering; I’ll simply slip away

I’ll think of you this winter, and smile as I die

At least we had each other – so darling, please don’t cry

© Copyright 2018 Medea Rene. All rights reserved.

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