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Not very good at all.
-Based off true story-
*Not finished.

Submitted: January 12, 2014

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Submitted: January 12, 2014



She begged him not to hit her again, she could not take it anymore.

"Please don`t hit me, I have done nothing wrong." She said out of fear, tears coming from her eyes.

He wanted to know what was making her so quiet. 

"Just tell me what is on your mind.." He said out of anger, waiting to just hit her again.

He hit her like he was a pinata, like it was a game. She had bruises all over body. She looked like a broken old doll that was abandoned and left behind in the dirt. 

"I am leaving you..." She said while shielding her face waiting to be hit, once again.

He looked at her with such anger, such sadness. He placed his hands on her shoulders, as gently as possible. 

He looked into her eyes, and told her "You can`t leave me."

She moved her hands away from her face, shaking like a leaf. "Why cant I? I am not happy with you Jon, you hit me constantly. It is not healthy..." She said while looking away. 

He took one look at her and punched her right in the stomach. Said, "That`s because you deserve it. You don`t listen! You fuck everything up! You`ll never be any good. Your nothing!" So much anger in his voice. 

She laid there on the floor where she had landed from his punch, crying. She could barely talk, she mumbled "Jon, I`m uh.. I`m leaving you. I have to.. i can`t stay." 

She tries to get up, just to be pushed right back down by him. "Your not leaving me, I love you." He said with a calmer voice, trying to get her stay with her. "I need you" 

"Jon, I just.. I cant. I don`t -" She says, without being able to finish her sentence. "Don`t you dare say you don`t love me.. I have done everything for you. I have saved your ass many times. Your mine. I can`t let you go." He says angrily.

He leans downs to where she was and grabs her hands to pull her off the ground to kiss her. 

It was like he used her for sex and his punching bag, she was literally nothing to him but that.

She looked at him, with great fear but all she wanted was love. 

She didn`t know what love was really like, and thought that this relationship that she and Jon had was "normal". 

She sat down back on the couch where she was before, her hands holding her stomach, tears in her eyes, her makeup smeared all over her face. She looked back up at him to find him already looking at her, as if he wanted something. 

She got up and grabbed her phone and bag, ready to walk out the door. 

He knocked down her bag and pushed her back on the couch in the same spot where she was before,"I told you, your not leaving! This is why you get hit, because you don`t listen to me! You stupid bitch, why can`t you just follow simple directions? Are you that stupid?" He said while clenching his fist, ready to punch her again. 

She looked at him with such despair. She said with a soft voice, "Why can`t you just stop hitting me?" He answers with also a soft voice, "When you stop being stupid." 

She looked down into her lap, intertwining her fingers together. She mumbles, "But, i thought you loved me...." 

He sits down next to her, putting her hair behind her ears so he can see her face. 

He looks over at her and says, "I do love you." He says while holding her hands. 

She looks away a mumbles, "Too bad I don`t love you..". She says it as quietly as possible so he could not hear her, but it was almost impossible for him not to hear her considering the fact it was dead quiet in his apartment.


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