When You Turn Back Around

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Some people tend to give and give and hope their efforts pay off someday, but in this process they forget about helping themselves and working toward their own individual goals. When these efforts are never rewarded and not acknowledged they need to try something different. In this poem a person finally breaks, they can not continue to hurt themselves while the person they are helping is not helping themselves...they have to let go, release any hurt or pain and go forward with their own life.

You turned your back



You gave up like a pro,

It’s like you have done it before.

There’s nothing left to say,

No one to turn to,

It’s like all our hopes and dreams are gone.

With the blink of an eye

You tuned your back.



I was there to comfort you,

I stood by your side.

I picked you up from rock bottom to create a life.

I helped you light a fire

To fuel you’re newly found desires.

I loved you for you,

I ignored the pain within me.

After all was said and done,

You turned your back…



I apologies…

For this time I will not be there

To catch you when you fall.

I will not be there to hold you

While you cry.


I apologies…

For this time, I will not be there behind you

When you turn back around.


Maxwell J Cook

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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