Callahan 64

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Submitted: November 11, 2012

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Submitted: November 11, 2012



The soot,

The ash,

The dryness in my nose,

My eyes burning, 

The light,

Awe the light,

I can breathe so much better,

no pressure...


As we rode the lift from darkness,

From the mine shaft  straight below.

Shaking the sticky dust from my back,

From the great blackness undertow.


As we neared the surface top,

The Vermillion raced straight down.

The warmth and the lift shackled,

Slowing as we reached the ground.


I feel like a distant explorer,

From caves to the ground atop.

Scratching for my wages,

In this shiny, black faced rock.


I am still a rugged pioneer,

A patriot and family man too.

I go to church on Sundays,

And pay taxes just like you.


But life is such a gift,

And I cherish my time each day,

For maybe some dark night,

You will hear the Foreman say?


" They dug through the chilling night,

As the mine caved in all around.

They perished in the collapse,

We cant even hear a sound?


No yelling or loud voices,

No whimpers not even a sigh!

Just  the silence and the dust,

And the silent miner's cry!"


Dear God above Almighty,

The miner's pilot is out once more.

I pray for all those miner's,

At the Callahan 64.
















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