Why Did I Say Goodbye Back?

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taken from my book, "Chasing The Paper Away"

Submitted: March 22, 2010

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Submitted: March 22, 2010



Why Did I Say Goodbye Back?


Being stupid

Is the dumbest thing I am

So much problems

With losing dear ol' you

May, you had me

But seem to think you did not

Well, if losing me is what you want

Then losing me is what you got

You got the ball

You're in controll

You have ev'ry right to leave

If you can no longer be with me

Go and go and go

Leaving my heart on the floor

Letting us miserably fail now

__as a couple

Is all you said you plan to do

Well, I guess this is what happens

__to a dreamer's dreams

When the one that loves him

__suddenly doesn't

I know you don't wanna be with

__me any longer

I guess somehow it's becoming

__a knowledge

____of a fact

That you won't be coming back

You are not in love enough

__like I

Oh, how am I gonna live with



I don't know why

But I guess I'm no loveable guy

No, not yet

I just haven't learned shit yet

But I must of been alive

Somewhere in space and time

Being the one by your side

Was the best times of my lfie

And now that you just

Are truely not mine

I cannot get you off my mind

Out of my heart

Away from grabbing ahold

__of my soul

I physicly ache not know why

__I am loving you still

____in such a painful way

The art of you, woman

Is right before all I see

No more late night times with you

No more waking up with you

No more being close enough

And you letting me kiss you

So damned blind was I

But refuse to die

I've got so much writing to type

I gotta live

Even withou you, May

We'll never hold eacother again

Will we?


03-22-'10 #6

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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