July 14, 1944

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A Jew is running away from Nazi... You will have to read it.

July 14 1944

Dear Diary,

I have been told that the Nazi’s are coming to get us Jews. When the Nazi’s arrives I was going to hide in my secret hideout, so they won’t hear, or see me. I hide in a wooden crate that had blankets in it. I crawled into the

crate slowly, so I would not tip it. I could only remember my mom and dad be shot trying to save me, because I ran away from the other Jews. I started to crawl out and I looked around, when I saw a man that looked about 6’2

standing in the doorway with a gun in hand. I heard gunshot going off and scream from the next room. I started to run, but that’s when something hit me right in the shoulder. I screamed at the top of my lungs, and that’s

when the guy came up to me and said,” Little Jew you should have stayed with the rest.” I begged him to let me live. I tried to getting up, but my shoulder hurt to bad. He put his gun up to my face and when he did that I rolled

over and grabbed his gun and shot him in the face. His blood splattered all over my face. I grab something that could help me up; it looked like a pole off the bed.  I ripped some cloth off the bed sheets in the crate. I wrapped

shoulder the best as I could, but it hurt every time I moved my arm. I got up ran to the doorway and looked in the hall both ways to sure there were no Nazi’s. I ran as fast as I could to the other hideout in the next room, but

when I didn’t see anyone or hear anyone I ran very quickly to my hideout. The room was messed up pretty bad, and the bed was flipped over, the dresser dowses had been ruffled through and thrown on the floor. I slowly

made my way through the mess, when all of a sudden I tripped over some cloths; I heard something in the hall, so I hurried to get out of the room. The only way out of the room was to go out the window, which I hurried and

looked outside to make sure no Nazi’s were outside. I climbed out the window got on the side of the building and started to make my way down the building. When I reached to bottom I ran to the nearest hiding spot, which

was a nasty smelly garbage can that had bullet holes in it. I hurried up and climbed into it and tried to cover the holes with the garbage. I heard people go by stomping their feet. My heart was beating like a race horse, after

running a few miles.  I hide their until night, when I suddenly was awoken by a train whistling. I thought that they might be gone, so I got out of the garbage can and started running. When all of a sudden I heard people yelling

“Jew”. I screamed and then I saw three Nazi’s come in to view with their guns in hand. The guys started firing the guns, but I missed everyone except one. The bullet hit my leg, which caused me to lost my balance and fall on

my hands and knee. I groaned, but I had to keep going or it would have been a waist of my parent’s lives. I got back up ands started limping to safety. When I found a place to hide, this was when I finally lost them. My heart

felt like it was going to explode from beating to hard. In the end I made it out with only my arm and leg shot, but I was finally safe and out of harms way.  

~!~ I did this for a school paper~!~

Submitted: April 26, 2010

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Risha Campbell

This is very well written

Mon, May 31st, 2010 8:51pm


thank you I worked pretty hard on the details

Mon, May 31st, 2010 2:44pm

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