The Abused and The Abuser

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

REWRITE: My name is Sally Wellington I am 17 and I am a junior at Miami, Florida High School. I am a sweet person who has been abused my dad for all her life. I am not a social person, because I don’t want people getting involved with me. Until she meets the new kid…

Brad Turner has moved from Washington to move with his dad who is a multibillionaire. He is a junior at Miami, Florida High School. He was a kid that always got in trouble, until he moved to his dads. He meets Sally and he falls head over heals for her, but their is one problem…

Sally was 10 years old when my mother die from her dad beating her to death, but he was never charged for the crime. Now I am 17 years old and my dad has been abusing me, since my mother died. I guess I am his little punching bag now.
Until she got what she wanted her freedom, but what will happen if her dad catches her....

Table of Contents

My day begins when my dad barges into my room and stomps over to my bed and pulls me by the hair. I scream and struggled to get away from... Read Chapter

"Yeah, I'd loved to, but I just can't," I said in a soft sad voice. "Why can't you?" he asked sadly. "I...I just can't I am sorry... Read Chapter

"I am so so sorry. I didn't want anyone to get involved with me. Yes, it does explain the broken ribs," she said with teary eyes. "Th... Read Chapter

"Please don't go home with your dad tomorrow. I don't want to see another person get killed by abusive parents. Just please come with me ... Read Chapter

I went back to my dresser and closed the tope one, then I opened the second drawer to grab a pj pants and 2 pairs of jogging shorts. I wa... Read Chapter

"No, you don't you look beautiful," he said smiling. "Don't lie to me, I look horrible," I said sadly. "That's it I am not lying ... Read Chapter

"Please stay with me," he begged. I signed. "Fine, but one condition," I said. "Whatever," he said. "Don't you ever leave me,... Read Chapter

“Shhh…Go to sleep,” I said. What I didn’t expect was a response. “I love yo--,” she slurred and then she fell asleep. I l... Read Chapter

Even if the sky is falling down, Even if the sky is falling down like she supposed to be, She gets down low for me, Down like ... Read Chapter

"Well, when we get done doing what we have to do here," I said look at Sally, then to my dad. "Well, hop to it then," my dad chuckled... Read Chapter

I went to Sally and gave her a hug and help her walk to the passenger side of the car.She looked up into my face. "He is going to kil... Read Chapter

when I slipped I got hit in the shoulder with a car side mirror. I rolled down the hill in pain, but I had to get up and started running ... Read Chapter

I walk quickly down the hallway and then I turned left. I saw 120, and then I started walking as the numbers room 101 came up. I slowly w... Read Chapter

"Well are you coming?" she asked as I gave her a frown. "Yeah," I said slowly not sure what I am supposed to do. The nurse and I ... Read Chapter

The police arrive later, after the whole fight was over and they asked for a statement. I told them everything about Sally’s mother mur... Read Chapter

"Yeah I just want to marry Sally, because she is the love of my life," he said with no sarcasm in his voice. I smiled at him, then to my ... Read Chapter

"Oh no you caught me," she said laughing. I let her go and went to my plate and grabbed the bacon and started chewing them. "Oh my go... Read Chapter

"Where are they?" she asked. "Their over on the bed," I said as she walked over to the bed. She goes through the bags and grabs socks... Read Chapter

"Hey Alice, can you zip me up?" I asked her politely. She came over and zipped me up. "I am so happy for you Sally," she said, causin... Read Chapter