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don't know what to write in summary.. this is just a short article about me , may be you . may be someone around you ... i would like if you leave your opinions after this... !!!!!!!!!!
added a song, which is of an indian movie ' thats all i really wanna do ' ....

Submitted: May 29, 2012

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Submitted: May 29, 2012



WRITER , SCIENTIST , DOCTOR , PRESIDENT  .........................

My ambitions of life ,

Increasing year to year .


Every year one more ambition of my life ,

Comes and stands infront of me.


Within coming to my full age ,

I must have a bag full of ambitions ..


But ambitions are only through which .

We're alive on earth ..


Ambitions are those who,

Can make a dead person alive.


Ambitions are the energy -ego of our body, of our life.  ..


Ambitions are our own inspiration ..


Who always inspire us to do something ,

To do something big...

Huge .

And Gr8 .....


Never forget to make ambitions b'coz ambitions are like the leg of the chair of our life ..


For me everything is my ambition

And just only my ambition !

My dream !

My life!

Everything .. ambition ! aim !





You all also must have your own ambition of your life ,

B'coz it can make you feel proud in this cruel earth . \"yes\"\"yes\"



If you have your decided aim, if you had already think that

You have to complete it in any condition

Then no difficulty can stop you.

It can make you weak for a little time , \"crying\"

But after  that its makes you more strong then before 

To fight with the difficulties you've ... \"angel\"\"angel\"


SoOo, gOoD lUck

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