Bringing up children!

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This is a self-reflectoive poem of a mom about bringing up children!

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



Bringing up children


I often wonder as a mom, that my mom is so great

Along with dad she brought us up

With so much patience and love so straight!


To bring up kids is not so easy

Can become a task indeed

It is very important to enjoy our role

And slow our pace in all our deeds!


We are a role model for our kids

They copy us day-in and out,

If we bring them with loads of love

They will learn to love all throughout!


If we get irritable and cranky,

That’s what they will be...

If we get critical and discouraging,

That’s exactly how they will be!


Our children reflect us all

They see the world around,

Families can lay their foundation

If we don‘t loose our own grounds!


If we respect each other, they will do it too!

If they see us working together

They will naturally love it too!


Children need us as a hand

To hold them when they fall

But we must let them fall once in a while

That will make them wise after all !


As a mom it isso difficult

To hold myself back....

As a dad it isso difficult

To see a child on the wrong track!


But here we must stop and wait

Allow them to show their might,

They are our good children

All they need is our torchlight!


Values are very important in bringing up our kids

They must know the difference between right and wrong

But that they can learn only if we show them all along!


It is easier said than done, I always tell my family

But although it is a tough job

God made us parents because he trusts us a lot!


I hope I will become as a good model for my kids too

May you all join in bringing up children

With a new zeal and mission too!


Written by Meenali  Gulati




© Copyright 2018 meenaligulati. All rights reserved.

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