Gulliver travels into a tiny world

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A twist in the story Gullivers travels by Jonathan Swift...a new short adventure!

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



Gulliver Travels into a tiny world


On one fine day, Gulliver decided to go for his morning walk a little early. While he was walking in the park, by mistake he stepped upon a small box. But naturally he ignored it and started walking ahead. All of a sudden, a squeaky voice came and called out his name.

  Hey, Gulliver, stop.....stops. On looking back, Gulliver saw a small pretty squirrel coming out of the box. The Squirrel said, “Hey man, you are very kind. Every morning, you feed us little creatures with nuts and grains. Would you like to play with us in our world?”Gulliver got so astonished and delighted to see a speaking squirrel offering him a good adventure! He immediately said, “Yes, but how?”The squirrel said, “I am a gifted squirrel, I will pat on your back and you will become one of us.” Even before Gulliver could react, the squirrel jumped upon his back and gave him a pat. Gulliver became a squirrel too!

 Gulliver was so thrilled to feel his furs and tiny body! The gifted friend took him to a world of squirrels, birds and ants who welcomed him with open hearts. They all jumped and climbed upon the trees and, splashed water on each other. After that, they had a party. Gulliver  and all the tiny animals and birds sat down to enjoy a feast of  grains, rice, pulses, bread crumbs and nuts .There was laughter and happiness all around!

Gulliver was having a great time and he did not want to leave. But, he remembered his family back home and requested his tiny friends to make him a man again as it was getting late.

  The gifted squirrel turned him back as he was and they all wished him luck and good bye.

It was indeed the most beautiful adventure he ever had into the world of tiny grateful creatures!

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