Me and my Marigold!

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A short story about plantation!

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



Me and my marigold!

One beautiful morning, when I got up from my bed, my mom reminded me that today is‘Plantation Day’

in my school. But I was just five years old and I did not know its importance at all. I just nodded, packed my bag,

held my bottle and left for school.

As soon as we entered the school, an announcement was made to assemble all the primary class

children in the school garden. Our class teacher quickly rushed me and my classmates to the garden

area and we all stood there in attention. Our Principal came and said, “Dear children, a very Happy

Plantation Day’ to you. I was amazed to hear it. It sounded as if it was the birthday of plants! It

actually was indeed!

Our Pricipal showed a pot and said, “Today we all will plant a seed and care for it like mummy and

daddy care for us and see how this seed grows into a plant! We all felt thrilled! In the pot there was

soil and she placed a seed into it with her soft hands and pressed it again a little more. Then she told

us that a seed needs sunlight, water and air to grow big. She also told us that we should not feed the

plant with food. The leaf of the plant will make food for it. It is the food factory somewhat like our

kitchen. To add to our excitement we all were gifted with a marigold seeds and then we were given

a challenge. We were asked to plant it with our parents at home and who so ever would bring its first

flower to the school, would be rewarded!

Oh, on receiving it I was very excited! It was as if me and my marigold had become best friends!

I went home, and requested my mom to help me in planting the seed. We both planted it together.

Every day, I would water the seed and see patiently how it was growing. It was taking its time. I

realized that it needed more fresh air. So I took the small pot with my mom and kept it in our home

garden. Soon, a tiny green stem came up. I was so happy about it. After a few weeks, my baby plant

developed green leaves and one bud too! In happiness I watered it a little more. But then my mom

told me that too much of water is also not good for it. I watched my baby marigold everyday and saw

it growing into a small shrub. I was keenly waiting for the first flower. No one in the school had yet

got the flower.

The day came soon when I saw not just one but four beautiful marigold flowers. I was excited and I took

one of the flowers to my Principal. , She was very happy and she gave me a gift for caring for my

marigold plant. It was a beautiful Rose plant. I had already won so much of love from my friend

marigold and now I had another friend.

The Principal said that this is a token of love and each time a student will do good work or help

someone, she will give them a seed as a prize. That made me and all of us so happy! I and my

Marigold share a special bond and now I have a Basil (Tulsi) plant and a Rose plant to nurture as my

trophies too!

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