Mollys day out!

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a short adventure of a mouse inorder to help its family!

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



Molly’s Day Out

Molly was a tiny little mouse. He was the youngest amongst all his siblings and was very protected by his parents. One day, Molly heard a very concerned voice of his ma and pa. The mother mouse Mammy was saying, “All our stored food has finished Pappy and it seems that the weather will also not be good tomorrow. We will need to do something about it fast.”Pappy, the father mouse assured her that he will arrange the food for his family soon. Hearing their talk, little Molly took a decision.

The next morning when everyone was sleeping, Molly decided to go and search for food for the family on his own. He felt he was big enough. He wore his father’s suit, tied his bow and took a briefcase for collecting food.

After struggling a bit with the dress, Molly managed to wriggle out of the hole. To his surprise, it was raining. Never mind, he said. “I will still bring food for my family”. He plucked a big leaf from the tree, took it as an umbrella and started on his adventure hunt.

The weather was not favorable, but he was very courageous. He walked and walked for very long. When he got really tired he stopped near a big wall for rest .Suddenly he saw a big chain of ants walking besideshim. He became alert in excitement .They must be coming from a foodzone!  On lookinga little far, Molly spoke in sheer happiness, “Oh Woh! This is a bakery shop!” He quickly sneaked through an open door and climbed upon a table. On the table, he found lots of bread crumbs, biscuits, nuts and even a large piece of vanilla cake. Molly was elated! “Today, I am feeling proud of myself” he said.

He packed all the food in his briefcase and started walking towards his house.

On his way, the rain became very harsh. He saw two little squirrels searching desperately for some food. He opened his briefcase and gave them five nuts each. They were very thankful towards Molly!

Molly was too eager to meet his family and enjoy the meal. He entered his hole quickly and called out his parents names. Pappy and Mammy mouse were very surprised to see Molly at the door. They were very worried for Molly. In deep concern, his whole family asked, “Where did you go? Why did you leave the house without us?

Molly listened in silence. Then he went and handed his briefcase to Pappy. Pappy stood still. On opening the briefcase there was so much food! Mammy was in tears! Both Pappy and Mammy tapped their little child. Yes Baby, you have grown big and responsible. Keep it going but also keep us informed!!

The End

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