The Intimate Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: new author's

Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018



It was 12.30 am. I came to bed after having a conversation with my friend for an hour. Since I had to go to office next day, I wanted to end the call soon. But her non-stop stories made me to sit with her for an hour.

The whole world has fallen asleep and I was turning and tossing in my bed. I found that I was smiling and remembering what she said about my immigration and the future wife.

By and by I was forced to open the closed door of my life. I wanted to denigrate to my heart. But I failed to hold myself, because by that time I have started to unfold my inward feelings. Once again I was on my way to the past. But, suddenly, my triggered mind terrified me to turn back. There was no need of a backfire. I thanked my mind while passing my anger to stubborn heart. There was an element of anger in my voice. Tearing the darkness, I somehow embraced the sleep and on closing my eyes, I wished to see my dreams come true in near future.I saw a silver Iine through the gloomy mist. My relaxed mind slept like anything.

It was busy Monday morning and seeing the work load which I had to complete, I was bit nervous and my burgeoning anger was trying to knock me down.

"It's Monday, don't forget to be awesome "

Moonlight, my friend, has sent me a message. In spite of my cosy feeling with her message, I replied as,

"Monday's are never happy! "

Taking my smile back I got a call from my manager asking me to visit him in his cabin. Wearing a happy mask, adjusting my tie, I stepped into his cabin wishing him a good morning. Ruminating a special file he beckoned me to sit down and after few seconds, he floated his gloomy face towards me passing the file after concising it in a bushy voice. I felt that he was angry and my careful answers created no mess. He nodded letting me to go and I opened the cabin door with a slack mind.


I froze with an unexpected scene of heavenly beautiful angel and remained couple of minutes setting my eyes on her breath-taking face. She was sitting in lobby and a file was resting on her lap while her fingers were in a battle of excitement. Morning fresh wind was playing with her brown curly hair and she raised her hand to adjust them. I saw the beauty of marble coloured soft hand. The most beautiful pink dress could not win over her soft pinkish cheeks. In unexpected moment, she caught my eyes with hers and a little smile emerged through rosy lips. Replying her with a same kind of smile I entered to my cabin.

Her beauty made me forget what my manager uttered and I felt shame about my shaken mind. Soon I collected my thoughts back and continue with my work. But her face harboured in my deep mind like the way I have met her somewhere before.

Once again the phone was ringing on and manager's voice was coming through the line.

"Ok, sir" was my reply. Opening the cabin door the angel entered.

" Good morning, sir Shanaya Malhothra."

"Good morning, Abhishek Rajan"

I shook hand hiding the tremble of my voice.

"Welcome to the company and could you please tell me about you a bit?"

She felt cosy with my friendly behaviour and started to say about herself. I heard nothing and all I could see were, her big eyes and heart touching rosy lips.

Days passed and office had become very comfortable place. Always my eyes were waiting to see her and since I had to to train her, I was lucky enough to be in her company. Even though the new page of my life was very fresh, I was fear to write the first word in it. Throughout days I struggled to collect my words, but her presence made me forget everything. But I knew one thing that those beautiful eye were also expecting something.

One Tuesday morning, I got late to wake up and late as I was, I hurriedly entered to office. Suddenly, I saw Shanaya was talking to one of our colleagues and they were bit close to each other. She didn't see my entering. Enduring the burgeoning envy I sit on the chair with my chin propped on my hand. In my anguish, I let all kind of doubts to harbour in me. Lurked inward jealousy peeped and provocated me against her even though she was not my own possession by that time. The intense pain I felt hardly to be described. In spite of the calmness of my superficial appearance, inwardly I took a definite turn for the worst. Angry as I was, waited till she entered to the room.

I heard foot-steps

Having being attached with her secretly and hearing her coming nearly everyday, I knew that with in a couple of seconds, she will be in front of me. Not knowing what turn my anger would take, I put my all efforts to tame my burgeoning fire up.

"Sir.......said her."

I kept quite.

"Sir....I..." "Yes," I replied setting eyes on the file.

I was gazing on the file for several minutes letting her to stand in front of me. My moving thoughts won over me and finally I lifted my face with a great anger. With no reason I started to grumble about the faults of the file and accumulated envy, I told her that I was feding up with her careless working style. But I knew that I didn't mean to denigrate her. Diminishing her work, uttering unplesent words, I made that beautiful eyes wet. Although those sobbings were melting me, I pretended to be angry. I threw the file towards her.

"I'm sorry......" There was a tremor in her voice. Taking the file, slowly she looked at me and grasped my eyes with hers. I saw the pain!

The cabin without her was like a hell.Two hours passed with no sight of her and several times I came out from the cabin. But no where I could find her.

My mobile phone started to ring on. Carelessly I looked at that and, it was Shanaya. I cut the call eventhough I was in a great will of listening her voice. But number of times it began to ring on and in the end I picked up the call.

"Yes" It was my rough voice. I heard her moan. "Where are you?" My melted voice spoke. "I want to meet you" Her crying voice said. "Fine. But where are you?" "Victoria Park, Lake side bench" "Well, I will be there in thirty minutes."

Treating out the gloomy wether, the sun started to shine. A little smile emerged and I felt that I was happy and excited. Instead of thirty minutes, hardly it took ten minutes to reach there and I rushed into park searching for her desperately.

She was sitting on a bench in a lonely corner and seeing her swollen- red face, my heart was broken into pieces. I was stepping towards her while my crying mind was running to her. Sitting next to her, looking at her face I read a big story. She floated her wet eyes into the empty sky and whispered,

"Why........." "Hmmmmmm......" (It was me.) "Why....." Her voice began to tremble.

Speachless as I was, caught her hand and stroked her soft fingers. "Why......why you cannot say...." "What....what should I say Shanaya...." I found my voice was so lovely. "The thing you hide in you..." She said "I fear..fear to lose.." That was me. "I too....I too fear...Sir.." I looked at her. Our eyes met together. " I too fear....fear to lose you sir..." I pressed her fingers with an unbearable happiness and tightening them more, she was speaking. "Waiting...." My heart began to beat fast. "Waiting Abhishek.....".Turning to me she whispered. I took that flowery face in my hand and kissed her forehead with a deep love. She got what she waited and I said everything I was waiting to say with an intimate lovely kiss.

Like a little girl she hugged me tightly and I stroked her silky curl hair.

"Say........" "What......." I asked slowly. "Only to me.....given....?" I smiled softly and looking at her eyes, and asked, "Say.......only from me...took?

We walked arm in arm with a great love and I wrote the very first word in my new book " The Love"

© Copyright 2020 Zoya25. All rights reserved.

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