The Art of War

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This is what happened in art me. I'm not feeling imaginative so...this story is a bit self centered. The war isn't over yet so...i made up the rest.

Submitted: November 10, 2007

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Submitted: November 10, 2007




Today in art we are making whistle-like thingy's. I recently took an after school pottery class at the high school (i had to walk a mile in bad weather). I was becoming pretty good,and then we started pottery at school . It turned out my project was on its way to being the head of an elephant sticking its head out of the water. Often people would complement me."Good job Mana, now can you help me with mine?" Those damn idiots. At my art table there are only four of us. me (Mana), Hiroko (the nice one that doesnt torture me), Maou (her friend that tortures me) and Kichi (once a very close friend). Maou stands atop her own world looking down upon us with her spray bottle of god-dammned-satan-knows-what-liquid. Kichi complained to be that day of how her hair smelled like shit because she got sprayed. I didn't want to burst her complaning bubble so i let her babble on about how mad she was at Maou. I got it worse she squeazed the trigger thingy a billion times and brown shit smelling watter floated like seeds all over the place hitting me. Mrs. Kakino came back into the room, she noticed Maou with the spray bottle, but not me,my hair was standing on its ends and I noticed the whole class was watching waiting for a person like me to break. This all happened when she commanded me to help her, and then gave me the thing to do for her, but i refused, so she begged and once again i refused. Thats when she got mad and started spraying the shitty watter. I looked down at her project and then mine. My project remained the same with only a few specks of water, because i managed to protect it, but her project, instead of the piece of shit it was, it now looked like a soggy piece of shit. Our wistles were supposed to represent an animal. What was that? Road kill? Ran over by Tony Hawk,marathon runners, a pack of sumos and a monster truck ralley? Lets not forget about her face, and of course people were obviously running from her ass ugly face and, her bottle of shitty spray watter. "It was supposed to be a guinea pig."I took pity on her and decided to help. She screamed "Thank you Mana" all the way across the room. I didn't even look up.


That ungreatful bitch. As soon as she picked up her project, she examined it slowly by turning it around, a smile began to slowly creep up her face, but her instinct told her to shoot them down. "What are these? WHAT are these? WHAT ARE THESE THINGS RIGHT HERE???!!!!" She screached it out like a maniac.

"eyes" I said.  Speaking of eyes, I could feel every single pair in the room, I know how to keep my cool.


"you idiot" it was a whisper, something under my breath.

"WHAT WAS THAT YOU FUCKIN JACKASS! WHAT WAS THAT YOU BITCH???" she took the project that i worked so hard on, that wasn't even mine and threw it at me, sure it hurt a lot cuz it weight like 5 pounds, grey fowl smelling clay was left in my hair and you could see a grey line running across by face and all the way down the shirt. It was one of those things that when you are walking around the school you are thinking "she probably got hit in the head by a block of clay, puposely thrown, naw that would be impossible"

She took the shitty spray bottle, I looked up to see her aiming. Shit. I didn't know where it came from, but with one graceful swift kick i knocked it out of her hands and across the room, the class watched in wonder.

At that moment the teacher glared at me and had some slight idea of what happened. She could only get her teacher mind to comprehend a part about defending myself from a spray bottle.


The next class it only got worse. Maou sent out invitations made by her. Since she was such a horrible artist she drew stick figures,with big round things, breasts i assume.

In her obvious big messy writing it said





The big green sharpie writing burned my eyes.As i walked into the room i heard the horrible voice screaming "HEAR SHE IS!!!!!"

I noticed on the desk were more of those papers with invitations on them, and of course stick figues with boobs on them. What caught me was the purple sharpie, in not big obvious messy maou writng but in big-ish neat-ish Kichi writing. I looked up to see her face. "sorry i couldn't help it" i droped my binder and stood in the middle of the room, i was no where close to tears, one will have to try harder to make me cry. I stood in the middle of the room and angrily stomped my foot like a mad 5 year old. The eyes that were on my were fixed on someting else. SHIT! They were stealing my binder and drawing boobs all over them. I snatched it away but i saw that a pair of discusting ovals with their own pupils were staring at me. I ended up sitting with they boys. Instead of yelling at me like usual my classmate Hayate let me sit next to him. That was so kind. Even though he knew i was far from crying. The last time i cried it school was the time a boy smashed my head in the doorway, he was my worst enemy, but it was an accident and i forbid my friends to tell him he made my head bleed. I thought he might feel bad. Anyway, Hayate defended me from all of his friends that tried to make fun of me. I had to start over with a new piece because i left my elephant wistle back at the table. They were laughing as they drew boobs on my elephant. I couldn't controm myself, so I was going to attack them. Hayate stopped me and told me to sit quietly and prepare myself for my upcoming boulders that were going to be thrown at me. I got up slowly grabbed some tape and slipped out the door. No one noticed.


I prepared myself pretty well, i figured they were going towards my lockers next. At the end of the day i found out 3 things that provides as evidence.

1. badly drawn stick figures stuffed halfway up my locker but stopped my the tape

2.a dent near my locker

3. Kichi was walking around limping, she couldn't play soccer because she stubbed her toes to hard.

during the next week it was hard. when going from class to class they'de scream HEY LOOK SOME BOOBS SOME BOOBS!!FOR YOU JACK ASS PERV!! and they'd point at some unfortunate 8th grader girl who wood flee at the speed of light.


It was ice queen day. I left Hayates table at last. I went to sit with them. I plopped my second perfect project in front of them.

" I see you redid your shit Maou, thanks for the porn that you tried to stuff in my locker to make me look bad"

"we never did that" Kichi chimed in. Out of the corner of my eye i could see maou trying to sneek tape in my hair." ( it was one of their favourite past times, not exactly fun when your hair is taped you your back. I always wore my hair down. I turned about in the nick of time.

"Thank you, is that for me?" Quick as a cat i sprang up and taped bangs to her chin.

with that my story never ends.


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