Misguided and Misunderstood

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This song is basically explaining how the monster in the novel Frankenstein felt after he was created and rejected by the world. I really sympathized with the monster when i read Frankenstein, and I even feel this way sometimes, as demonstrated by my World of Lost Souls poem, but perhaps not to this extent.

Submitted: April 25, 2011

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Submitted: April 25, 2011



I try to go places, but all those faces don't look at me.

I wander these empty spaces, with feelings of woe and hatred, Because everyone has rejected me.


I'm led the wrong way again. Everyone turns away again. I have no choice but to quiet my voice, and not try anymore. I wish they knew that I have emotions too. Misguided and Misunderstood! Just because I'm different.

Verse 2:,

Where is all the love? Don't see a single dove. All I see is darkness.

Where is all the compassion? I only get cursed at. All that surrounds me is blackness.


Verse 3:,

There is no light in my life. No bliss, just horrible strife. Because I'm trying to fit in.

Why won’t they just accept me? They just don’t seem to see, my goodness on the inside.

{Instrumental Break},



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