Clarapillar: The Ugly Duckling Meets The Very Hungry Caterpiller

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A collab-story by Megan B and Claireem!

I hope you enjoy this story written up one afternoon (to be specific, Oct. 30's afternoon).

It's a humorous spin-off of The Ugly Duckling and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Enjoy!

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011







Clarapillar(Claireem) \"\"

Lucyzilla (Claireem's funky dog) \"\"

Derek Sanders (Mayday Parade) \"\"

Jeremy Lenzo (Mayday Parade)\"\"



Claireem's dog, Lucy, has a squashed nose.

Derek Sanders is--between a joke of Claire and mine--a transvestite. Known for his line in When I Grow Up "You know you want it!"

Lenzo is pudgy and quirky. Known for his line "What's up, Sexy!?"


This color represents Claireem

This color represents Megan B


So, there was this caterpillar and her name was Clara. One day, she wanted to turn into a beautiful butterfly. But there was one problem: Gurrrl, she wa' ugly (ugly butt mo' fo').

Clarapillar was squirming about when Lucyzilla came snorting by! Lucyzilla experienced a tragic injury to her schnozzle and cannot afford plastic surgery like Kim Kardashian can. She was unable to smell Clara and vacuumed her up into her schnozzle. "Oh, dog nab it!" The clarapillar said, "Man, it's really boogery up in here."

Lucyzilla replied with an "ACHOO! Stupid Clarapillar went straight up ma' schnozzle."

Clarapillar was shot onto the ground from her schnozzle and suddenly transformed into a cuccoon.


Two seasons later, Clara emmerged from her cuccoon. "Ah!" she cheered. "The world . . . will now be . . ." She glanced at her butterfilic body. "Vomit-inducing?!"

Lucyzilla romped in and saw Clara on the floor. Lucyzilla trotted to her.

"No!" cried Clara, flapping her wings like grandmas at bingo night.

Lucyzilla went in for the kill by chasing after Clara. They went into a full-speed chase that was so tense yo ucould cut it with a spork.

Clara, so scared, flew into a car's windshield. The last thing that went through her mind was her butt.

"What up, not-sexy?!" cried Lenzo.

"Oh! No!" sobbed Derek. "I hit a beautiful butterfly!"

"No," Lenzo shook his cabbage head. "It's a vomit-iducing moth."

Lucyzilla, the size of a black bear, ran in front of their car. Derek pushed his tiny ballerina foot on the brakes. Lucyzilla climbed onto the carhood. As Derek screameed highpitchedly, and Lenzo's flub flailed everywhere, Luctzilla snorted and continued to lick Clara off the windshield and ate her. Then she burped and trotted off elsewhere.

Derek said, "That was a big panda." He glanced at Lenzo, "But you know you want it." He flipped on his Chanel sunglasses and drove his Malibu-Barbie pink VW Bug away.



Forever. haha. <3





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