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Letters to Eden is the copanion novel to my Booksie hit, The Austin Tattoo. If you didn't read TAT, or just want to recap, read this! (*YOU DON'T NEED TO READ TAT, OR EVEN THIS, TO START LTE. IT'S SORT OF LIKE A PROLOGUE*)

Submitted: May 03, 2012

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Submitted: May 03, 2012



The Austin Tattoo focuses on Violet “V” Lewis, an almost 16 year old girl who is a selective mute. A selective mute is someone that cannot physically make their selves speak in certain environments. It should not be “Selective”, because they are not being stubborn. It has recently been change to that, however, as it wasformerly called “Elective mutism”.

Why is V mute?

V watched her just-17 year-old brother, Austin, commit suicide. They were best friends and the event (which she calls “The Incident”) scared her. She always figured that everything was her fault and nothing good lasts forever. Austin’s dead spirit haunts her. He torments her and drives her mad. (This is not supernatural but more of a delusional hallucination from anxiety and depression.) Austin is always “soothing” V with his infamous quote, “Quiet quiet hush hush”. This, however, does not calm V. It makes her stiffen and chills her to her core, in opposite.

If you have read TAT or plan to read it, highlight this next section with your mouse. It is the main reasoning behind the plot, therefore it might turn you off from TAT. Highlight here: Violet believes she is the one who killed Austin with her words. Speaking does horrific things, in her eyes. Here is the excerpt covering this selection. It is set in Austin’s bedroom right after Austin tells V why he is suicidal and as the police arrive:

My jaw dropped. The front door banged. Footsteps clicked on the ground. “Hello? It’s the police! Where are you?” a deep voice bellowed as they searched for us. Austin pulled a gun from his nightstand drawer. He cocked it and put it to his head. “Say another word . . . and it’s bye-bye for your big brother.”



Who is Eden?

Briefly put, Eden is Austin’s best friend. It is not said why she doesn’t keep in touch with Harry (the eldest brother of Austin and Violet) or V during TAT, but that will be cleared up in LTE. Eden is only mentioned three times in TAT. Here are the quick quotes:

“I think I see Eden in the back [of the auditorium]. She had sort of been a sister to me. Seeing her made me fuzzy. She’s the last piece of Austin that doesn’t make me go insane. But when I look back, she’s slinking out the door.”

This is in chapter 13. It is not said why she slinks away until LTE, but you could properly infer that it seeing V was Eden’s last piece of Austin. And, while V wants to see a piece of Austin, it hurts Eden far too much.

After Austin dies and the police arrive, along with neighbors, family, and other close friends, Eden is spotted in the back.

“Austin’ best friend, Eden, was consoling Harry and rubbing his back; she was crying hysterically too.”

It can be presumed that had been the last the Lewis’ saw of Eden unless she attended the funeral. This was in chapter eight.

Perhaps the most prominent mentioning of Eden was in one of the last chapters.

“I knew [Austin] liked art, but I didn’t know he spent so much time creating it. There’s a package [under his desk] addressed to Eden, his best friend. But I decide that I should not open it, because it is not meant for me. [I set it aside.]”

Nothing ever recalls why this was so important, but it may just be a small filler. Will you find out?

So, why should I read LTE if I read TAT? And why should I read TAT if I do, or even—perhaps—do not, read LTE?

Letters to Eden is going to take you through her counted steps of overcoming. Nothing was her fault, so why does she feel guilty? Like many do when a loved one dies unexpectedly, Eden decides to rethink every conversation they had. This may just make you value a single word as much a full-on monologue. Eden feels Austin with her all the time (not in a ghostly way, such as with V). She begins to investigate on whether or not he is a personal angel, or a personal devil. And does he want her destroyed for not stopping his suicide, and then finding a new friend? Or does he want her to prosper? The latter sounds more like Austin to her. But, at the same time, the former seems like something that would be done by a suicidal boy whose best friend turned out to be an ignorant monster.

This story; this plot; this experience is going to make you value everything more and question how well you know yourself. How well do you know your friends? Perhaps they want to be doctors. But do you know why? Do you know the little intricate thoughts in their brains? Find out how to do this . . . and how to live in Letters to Eden; to be posted 3 May 2012, 6:00 CEN.

The Austin Tattoo has been relevatively huge. At least, it seems so to me. I have above 600 reads, and it's only been about 6 months. They may not be big, but those we do read it, love it. And I think that you might like it to! V is my inspiration. I love everything about her, even her horreid beginning. But in the end, when she is V and V is her, things are all right, and everything seems to intricately designed. Truly, I, myself, viewed things differently after TAT. I cried so hard writing it, because it is so emtional as I am a large part of V. More or less, she is a part of me. Most readerst ell me they cry too! Why? Because everyone is in V and V is in everyone. The thought that she can overcome what she does is shocking. Honestly, it's true as well; as I have overcome some of her disorders and I know others that have overcome all the problems V and I do not share. So when you see how amazing humans can be, you'll wonder why you're always hiding in that corner, where you are blind sided by monsters and are feasted upon by society. And after you figure out why, you'll break free.

Thank you so much for reading the above and reading LTE or TAT, if you choose. If you stuck with me through TAT, thank you!Iovercame so much because of you. Truly. This made me stronger and free. You have opened doors for me that I didn't believe myreaders could, no offense there. So thank you, and please comment with all the stories I need to catch up on. Love you all!

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