You Broke Another Mirror

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Random and teenage

Submitted: March 13, 2008

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Submitted: March 13, 2008



FYI The following piece contains random lyrics from the bands: Radiohead, Ween, Bob Marley and Death Cab for Cutie.

The following piece is dedicated to: Katie, Devon, Alana, Nicole, Molly, Jessie, Antonio, Lauren and Jorand.

You broke another mirror. You're turning into something you are not. Bad luck comes in phases. We have good and bad years. My good years were the odd years, freshmen and junior year of high school. Those bad years, they're the ones that'll spit at you; you will be the one screaming out. And the good years, it's the best thing that you've ever had, the best thing that you ever ever had; the best thing you ever had is gone away.


It starts with an emotion. Relaxation. Relax; you're floating in the trees. I lay down, my back sagging on the tarp of my stretched trampoline. The trees above me have changed, as have I over the years. The trampoline used to be a place of youth, secrets and crushes. Now those days seem so far away, the loss of my innocence has been quick. I gaze into the warm colors of autumn's leaves. Summer has ended. It has been the summer of high school's bad influences. Vodka and marijuana. Her hair matches the leaves. The fake colors that I myself helped stain into her scalp. I take a mental photograph of this moment, and will always recognize this as Fall. Stoned and stolen, staring into the sky, I am searching for a clear thought. It's hazy in this clouded sky. It's as if I've exhaled a cloud large enough to cover all of our heads and make the seasons change. The contrast of the warm colors makes her feel good all over. She laughed and you didn't know why. She was funny. The summer fling had turned into the real thing, I thought. I was so nervous for fall to arrive. School was back in session and usually the events of the summer were ignored and forgotten. Not this summer, this summer would be the summer we always would look back on and are reminded of when we were at an absolute content ness of true happiness. We had been so pure. It's the sound of the waves crashing at night. The very last night of summer. It's an ending. A rushing wave of loss and gain. The things you take, and the things you want back. Listen to the whistles and the ukulele play, and listen to the things she has to say. You don't listen, you don't answer. Her music drowns her words. Her lyrics are never heard, and her tears are never seen. It's all because of you. It's the fire in your eyes that's lacking. It's the things you don't know about her. She's really an alien from the Ukraine who dances like a robot and can cry on command. She's the random harmonic sound in your victory dance. It's football season, this isn't her scene but her blinded socially formed path of identity has unknowingly brought her here. This is how I imagine her, though this is not how I see her today. They say it feels better as you're learning. I say it kills you more every time. You're taking away my summer sun. You're crushing me in these fake crunchy leaves that irritate me so easily. Why is this the time to hate? You won't give me a straight answer. Everything has fallen from me; I'm an empty tree. I've shrugged off all my memories of you, and those who've dropped before me can rake them up. Winter

You're alone in a foreign country, perhaps Japan. It's exactly how you envisioned it, the crowded streets, nightlife, and a place where noodles are sold out of vending machines; although, you hadn't imagined the snow. The people don't react to it, it's as if the entire city is frozen. It's cold. To be alone now becomes a question of hopelessness or gratitude. It's dull and depressing. I used to describe you with those words. I gave up on you. It's a cold night, drunk off beer and for the first time in a long time, there is a stranger here. He has touched your body, but not your soul. He is not welcome here. He will take you sledding down a snow-covered hill at night, but what about tomorrow morning? Do not go to the easy green wall when the brick one looks so complicated. You love a challenge. Remember? You're a lost little kitten. A piano plays your sad, sad song and you were such a pretty little thing. Drink up, and let go. That's your personal cure for your internal tragedies. You wear them on a faded crown of a lifetime of sorrow. You send off mixed signals with your perfectly placed pearly whites. How can she not see the beauty in this? Waterfall. The beauty breaks down into ripples of black tears from salty make-up stained eyes. You think that bottle will carry your message? Deliver the words you're dying to say? You're waiting on an angel. Speaking of an angel, you should she one in a rock star jacket. She likes booze and coke. Coke and rum. She's really quite cute. We share frozen hearts from our homeland in Scotland. She plays the role of an ice queen, but she is in fact not a structure. She is too loose and free for that. She cannot mold into this form. You're telling me you see red, but all I see is black and blue. How's this happening to you?


Two eyes, I know it's you. It's you. Chocolate candy flavored eyes that I've licked. They wake me up. If you were the wind, I'd know exactly what song to play while you dance through my hair. Red, blue, green. You're my favorite dream. You're a dream to me now. Anything and everything that happens to us now only forms in clouded dreams and hazy memories. How did you know that you would be my inspiration? How did you know that your songs would write this story? You knew this inspiration would only last a short time, like Spring. You let me down the best way you could. Kindness. You were my song, Let Down. You really loved me, but looking back now I didn't love you too. You love my attention. Hey, Mr. Camel Smile, please show me where you grew up and tell me anything that you know will make me smile. Run, Run, Run. That was the end of my frog. Go, Go, Go. This I know was my first love. It's a misty glitter cloud of pink and blues that fuels my mind. It's the maddening cloud. There are only thoughts of you. A guitar picking it's own strings, it's so wonderful but there is a lack of color here… No alarms wake you. Your bruises will never heal. Tired and forever unhappy are you? Nothing can speak for you. You can't speak for you. Silence, silence, silence. She doesn't want any more surprises; she just wants to be dead. She sees her pretty house and her pretty garden where she waits for the rest of us. There are no alarms to wake her, and no one can watch her drown. She's floated too far. All washed up in the sand, her dirty faded crown now molds to be a part of this distant land.


We are young, we run free. I'm barefoot in Royal Oak attempting to be a hippie with my super cool retro boyfriend who plays drums. We stay out all night, passing blunts, bowls and bongs and nothing ever seems wrong. An entire circle of new people, all strangers it seems like. We have formed by our common interest: marijuana. Is pot the only thing that links us together? You let the wind hit you. You are a different person. I am a soul shakedown party. These are good vibrations; a special vacation and you need everyone's concentration. You are the hypnotist. It's Sunday morning, a restless feeling that wakes up by your side. What was I dreaming about? Watch out, the worlds out there beyond the ray of light that shines through your blinds. Early dawning. Sun is shinning. With the morning sun, I couldn't tell you so many things. I saw you for you, and realized I couldn't speak. You were so easy to see, but your eyes looked so far away. I wanted to stay forever with you. It's not just the pinks and blues; the sun is so bright that so many colors surround you. A light reflecting all the things that make you run wild and free. And you're thinking, she knows, she knows, she knows. Suddenly I remember her. I see her light. I remember our incredibly icy friendship that only seems to take place at night. She finally lets her hair down; it shows how much she's grown. And makes her appear older than I. Her smile gives away her true age, the tiny metal brackets that glitter and shine with proof of a minor. We all ignored it. I let you go, but I'm constantly looking back at you in the horizon. Remember when we took those pictures of us at sunset? Your image forever fades in the distance, and I'm left not knowing if I'll see your face again; the face that fools. Summer's song begins to fade after I realize there is no voice at night. It's a new moon, the mans gone. The sidewalk squares pile up into piano keys, which play the old tune of us walking in the park. Hands squeezed, eyes wondering, and it's just another day. We have lost each other anyway. It's just another day. We've lost each other anyway.

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