Look at Me and Tell Me You're Sorry

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A personal poem to my ex-husband, my abuser in our domestic violence marriage.

Submitted: August 08, 2014

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Submitted: August 08, 2014



Look at me and tell me you're sorry,
Tell me I don't need to worry.
You lost your temper one time,
The rest of our marriage will be fine.

Look at me and tell me I lack self worth.
Tell me that I'm the worst thing on this earth.
When I married you, I meant something,
After a while, you made me feel like nothing.

Look at me and tell me you're happy.
You wanted to become a daddy.
After she was born you didn't care,
Living with you became a nightmare.

Look at me and tell me you're gone,
Before I even filed, you had already moved on.
I know I never meant anything to you,
You cast me aside when you were through.

Look at me and tell me I'm weak,
I'm in the psych ward, I'm crazy, I'm a freak.
But something happened while I was away
I opened my eyes and realized that I was okay.

Look at me and tell me I'm to blame,
You've turned child custody into a game.
You thought if you yelled loud enough, you would win
You underestimated my strength within.

Look at me and and tell me I'm a bad mom,
You expect me to cry, yet I'm calm.
I no longer care what you say,
Your thoughts and words get in the way.

I look at you and even though we are far apart,
I have no room for hate in my heart.
But sometimes I wonder secretly,
Will you ever look at me and say you're sorry?

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