My Secret Admirer.

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Love, it surprises us even in the simplest ways. :D

Submitted: July 13, 2011

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Submitted: July 13, 2011



My Secret Admirer

By: Megan Marie M. Fadriga






There was a stuffed toy on my desk.

As I walked into the classroom like it was any ordinary day, I found a stuffed dog—with it‘s green colored eyes ogling at me—on top of a folded piece of paper.  I looked around at everyone but they ignored me and did what they always did like nothing drastic just happened. I mean, who leaves a stuff toy on my desk? And it wasn’t even my birthday. I bet they got the wrong table. Yes, that’s it. It was a mistake.

I walked over to my seat and placed the toy on the table next to mine along with the paper.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Nathan, my best friend since forever, said as he sat down on his own seat, placing his bag on the floor and looking at the fluffy puppy that was now in front of him.

“Correcting the wrong,” I mused, pointing at the puff of brown synthetic fur. “I think that’s yours.“ I look around, exaggerating my movements. “Your secret admirer is around here somewhere…”

Nathan rolled his eyes and placed the stuffed toy and the paper back on my desk. “It’s obviously not mine since it’s got your name on it, Jamie.”

“What?” I looked down at the piece of paper and my name was printed on it. I frowned, opening it. I read what was written in there aloud. “I know you hate cats so I bought you a dog.” I scrunched my brows, looking around.

“Everyone knows that. I’m allergic, aren’t I?” I mumbled, looking down at the paper again. “And you’re really bad at taking care of pets so I bought a stuff toy instead of the real one. Just in case.” I read the second line, mortified.

I turned to Nathan who shrugged and pulled out his book from his bag. “Beats me. Everyone knows your hands are cursed.” He snickered, looking up as the teacher entered and all the other conversations ended simultaneously. All the while I felt someone watching me. I turned to my back and caught Kyle O’Connor, the school’s Ivy League quarterback, staring at me. He grinned when my eyes met his and I quickly glanced sideways at Nathan for confirmation but he was too busy sketching on his notebook to catch my eye.

I walked out of the room when classes ended, feeling weird and a little flattered all at the same time.  Nathan left before I did because he had basketball practice so I walked all by myself to my locker, my head concentrating on my early secret Santa in February. Was it Kyle? I don’t know why; but a sudden disappointed feeling came over me at the possibility.

When I opened my locker I jumped when half dozen roses, all dry pressed and browned, fell over my feet. A small ripped piece of paper came floating gracefully down and landed on my converse clad foot.  

I crouched over to take it and I held it up to the light. I know you hate surprises. I snort because it was true. These are all the roses these past years that I didn’t have the guts to give you. Turn around.

I swooped around in surprise just in case someone was going to kidnap me or something.

And then I saw Nathan. He was looking down at his feet, still in his basketball jersey and he was leaning down, picking something up. Suddenly, I was feeling giddy and happy. Was it really him!? Was Nathan sending me all these gifts? Did he love me? I blushed involuntarily and I covered my cheeks with my hands at the thought.

“Nathan?” I called out uncertainly.

Nathan looked up and smiled. On his hand was an envelope. “This yours?” He asked, walking towards me and holding it up.

“Mine?” I said stupidly in the girl-in-love stereotype way, lacking anything better to say through my shock and pleasure as I took it from his hands. It was Nathan. He was the mysterious dispatcher. He was my secret Admirer.

“Yeah, I found it on the ground on my way here.” Nathan said, grinning. “Guess this guy’s pretty romantic, huh?”

“Very.” I agreed. Aw, he was speaking in third person—which was kinda cute. I opened the envelope with a small smile, stealing glances at Nathan as he leaned against the wall.


If you’re reading this, I guess you know how I feel already. I’ve loved you since forever and it took me a long time to finally get it all out. I tried my best to be someone worth your time. And it took me a lot longer to build up my courage…


My eyes scanned the letter, skimming to the bottom to where Nathan would sign his name. And then my smile faltered. What? I couldn’t believe it. I looked up and it wasn’t Nathan in front of me any more. Kyle stood at the hallway, smiling sheepishly at me. Nathan stood a little way back, smirking and pointing at Kyle, looking pleased at my surprised expression.  Leanne, another girl from our class, suddenly walked over to Nathan.

“Nate! I was looking all over for you.” She said, taking his hand. Nathan only smiled at her the way I always wanted him to smile at me and without saying anything, leaned down to kiss her.

I couldn’t explain how heartbroken I felt…

“Jamie?” Kyle’s voice made me look away from them and I glanced blankly at Kyle who was holding up a fresh, beautiful white rose.

 “Happy Valentine’s Day.”








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