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My first short story.

Submitted: March 29, 2007

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Submitted: March 29, 2007



There once was a sailor named Don. Don was sailing home from?traveling all over the world. He was tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He was anxious to get home, but not all that ready. When he left home to go on his journey, he had promised his wife, son, and daughter that he would tell them of his amazing adventures at sea. But the problem was that he didn't have any adventures to tell. Sure he got caught in a few storms and met a few crazy and interesting people, but that was about it.

He sat down on the floor of his boat and thought and he thought. He thought so hard that he gave himself a headache. He looked up towards the sky. He had to shield his eyes because the sun was very bright. He suddenly saw a big gray and white eagle. The eagle swept down and landed right besides Don. To Don's amazement, the eagle started to nudge him

"Hi there. You're a beautiful gray and white eagle, Mr. Eagle," Don said soft and slow so that he wouldn't scare the eagle away.

Then all of a sudden, the eagle said, "Thank you for the compliment sir. My name is Leonard." Don was shocked, for he had never in his lifetime heard an eagle talk.

"Uh... Your welcome. My name is Don. Nice to meet you Leonard," Don said, still in shock.

"Likewise. I can see something is troubling you Don. What is it?" Leonard said.

"Well... I promised my family that I would tell them about my amazing adventures at sea when I got back home. But I don't have anything to tell them," Don said.

"I see. I have an idea. Look at the sun. What comes to mind when you look at in?" Leonard said. Without much thought, Don looked at the sun and thought.

"Two flowers come to mind. A tulip and a rose are the flowers. But I am not sure what they mean," Don said to Leonard.

"The flowers represent that you and your family are gentle to others like flowers in the wind. Now look down into the water. What do you see?" Leonard said going to the edge of the boat. Don walked over and peered into the water. He looked really hard.

"I see three different colored fish and a purple reef. But I am not sure what they mean," Don said sitting down again.

"It means that you and your family are nice to other people with different beliefs, cultures, and religions. The purple reef means that you have a strong will and you try to make friends where ever you go. I am proud to say that I am one of them," Leonard said.

"Well, Leonard, I am glad that you are my friend. I am also glad that I met you. I shall never forget you my dear friend, Leonard," Don said happily.

"And I shall never forget you my dear friend Don," Leonard said. They stared at each other eye to eye for a minute or two. It seemed like a lifetime. Then Leonard took off. They called goodbye to each other and then Don was on his way home.

A day later his boat docked at the port. His family was waiting for him. They were asking him all at once about his journey. "Come. Lets head home. Then I shall tell you of my journey," Don said. As they arrived at their home, Don told them about the gray and white eagle named Leonard. He told them every little detail of his encounter with Leonard. When he was finished, he looked at the sky.

He said, "I will never meet anyone like Leonard ever again. Leonard is a one of a kind eagle." His family agreed. They never doubted him. Don sailed every sea and never?saw anyone like Leonard ever again.

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