Dream Catcher (2)

Dream Catcher (2)

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



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Chapter1 (v.1) - Dream Catcher (2)

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 20, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 20, 2011




"Are you sure this is nessacary Luke?" I asked not really sure if it was.

"You are right Ally." He grinned while talking.

"Yes I know I am." I said then started walking out only to be stoped.

"We will both go with you." His smile grew wider.


I walked out of the store with to boys who look like protectors.  We walked toward the forest not really wanting to have them tag along.  Jared was kicking at the dirt.  Luke was standing up straight aware of all his surrondings.  I couldn't help but to laugh at how they were acting.

"Whats funny?  Did i miss something?" Jared asked.

"Oh nothing."


We kept walking.  When we finally reached the woods it was getting dark.  Luke cleared his throat.

"Jared we should probably set up a camp also we need to talk." he said it so sternly.

"Right."  Jared said being dragged over to a tree.


They were mummbling obviously not wanting me to hear what ever it is that they were talking about.  I sat on the gound.  I started thinking about how big of a risk it really is that i came into the woods.  See in my world there are Zombies who lurk the forest.  They feed on human flesh.  Once you get bit theres 3 options.

1) Suck the venom out and die

2) Leave the venom in and turn into a zombie

3)Have another person suck the venom out and they die.

No matter what some one dies.  No cure has yet to be found.  I once knew a girl named Jane.  Jane was a type of person who did Witch Craft.  People that Jane's ideas were crazy.  A couple of teenagers threw her into the woods.  She lived.  She told me how she survived the Zombie bite.  A week later she was sentenced as a witch.  She couldn't believe that people had started this trend again.  But after all it is the future.  I'd do anything to remember how she did it.  An average person would remember.  Jane was 6 when she died.  I would have carried on that memory if new ones hadn't filled my mind when i was 8.


When the boys came back they built a fire.  I watched jared as he spit into it.  Luke was scowling at Jared.

"I hope you swallowed gas earlier and ur spit blows up."  When Luke said that i had to laugh.

"Oh you think thats funny pretty girl?"  Jared said with a smile.


Next thing i knew i was lifted off the ground and being carried somewhere.  We passed through trees then i saw it.  A river it was beautiful it was crystal clear it was filled with me in it 5 seconds later.

"HEY!!!" I yelled at him.

"Don't hate appreciate....Free bath."  He smirked.


I climbed out of the water it was so cold out and he just threw me into a river.  I glared at him and walked back to camp.  I grabbed my bag of clothes and looked in it.  I found it.  A long sleeved white dress made out of cotton.  Well actually it was a nightgown.  I walked behind a tree to change.

"fuck you Jared." I said loud enough for him to hear.

"Right back atcha' bitch."  He was laughing i could tell.


He makes me so angry sometimes.  I walked out from behind the tree to see the fire was finally up.  I was hoping more than anything that we could sleep so i could get away from Jared he was really annoying me.  I sat down on the soft ground and sighed.  Luke looked at me and tilted his hea to the side a little then smiled.

"You alright?" He sounded like he actually cared.

"Yes I'm just peachy." I said smiling.

"If you say so."


The night darkened and the stars alined perfectly.  The moon was full and glistening.  Tonight it was beautiful.  Untill i heard it.


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