Dream Catcher (3)

Dream Catcher (3) Dream Catcher (3)

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



yupppp chapter 3
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yupppp chapter 3

Chapter1 (v.1) - Dream Catcher (3)

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yupppp chapter 3

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 21, 2011




It started at a screech then a squel.  It made me jump.  I looked over at the boys who were dead asleep.  I got up then walked through the woods.  A knife in my hand.  There was a zombie not but 2 feet infront of me.  I jabbed my knife into its neck.  My knife was stuck.  I had to run the rest of the way to make sure I would get to the place in time.


When I finally reached the scene I saw it.  A car run into a tree.  I stepped forward.  Then I saw it.  A man standing next to the car holding a gun.  The gun was pointed at the young lady.  I started to back up but tripped causing a loud thoud.  The man swooped around and starred at me.

"Look at what we have here." The man said with an evil grin.

"What are you doing? Is she ok?"

"SHUT UP." He said walking closer pointing the gun right at me.


I stayed quite.  I was frightened.  How could a man do such a thing.  Hasn't the young lady been through enough she just wrecked her car.

"N-no." I stuttered after a minute.


He stepped closer.  Soon wnough I had a gun to my head.

"P-please n-n-no." I mummbled.

"Oh yes.  You've seen to much any way."


I shuddered at the thought of everything I'd seen.  Then out of no where to wolves appeared growling at the man.  One was a dark black wolf with jade green eyes.  The other was gray like storm clouds with misty blue eyes.  The black wolf jumped on the man while the gray wolf tugged on my shirt pulling me beside a tree.  The black wolf seemed to be dpne killing the man.  The gray wolf looked at the black one tilting its head to the side.  The black one nodded its head.


In a blink of the eye the gray wolf turned into human.  I squinted at the face.

"Jared?"  I said questioning.

"Hey Ally." He grinned.


He then walked over to the car and opened the drivers door.  He picked up the young lady and his jaw dropped.  He stood there frozen.  As soon as Jared froze the black wolf transformed into Luke.

"What is it Jared?"  He asked.

"Luke its Havery."  He sounded sad.


I watched Luke run over and grab the girl.  Luke looked crushed.  He felt the girls heart beat then fell to his knees.  I looked at Luke.  That girl in his arms is Havery.  Is she his sister?  His daughter?  No it couldn't be his daughter shes to young.

"Luke?"  I asked.


He didn't respond.  I watched as tears fell from his eyes.  He couldn't help it.  He held the girl close to him.  He kissed her lips a thousand times.  Crying he dropped her to the ground and laid next to her.

"Havery Annmarie Carson I will give you the night under the stars that you wanted.  Please Havery come back to me.  Please?"  He begged.


I watched her lifeless body.  Havery must have been his girl friend.  I couldn't help myseld I walked over to Luke.  He looked at me with pleading eyes.  I sat there and I hugged him.

"Luke I'm sorry."


He stood up and picked up Havery's body.

"She always wanted to let her dead body float in the river at midnight."  Luke said.


He walked down to the river.  He kissed her lips and gave her one last squeeze.  He cried his last tear.  He walked out into the deeper water with her body.  He laid her down and smiled his last smile.  I watched as she sank down below the water.  He walked back and sighed.

"I'm sorry Lucas."  Jared said.


Luke never said anything back.  I did the one thing that seemed right at that moment.  I sand Amazing Grace.  I hve never been a good singer.  My voice was horrible.  I saw Jared try to hide his laughter and smiles.  I saw Luke stand as solid as a brick.  No emotion crossed Luke's face.


Luke left so I stopped singing.  Jared looked at me then cracked up laughing.  I glared at him.

"I'm sorry Ally but you know its funny."  He grinned.

"No it is not Jared."  I said.

"Yes it is whatever your full name is."  He smirked as he said this.

"My full name is Aleena Anne Johnson."

"Aleena thats a pretty name.  I'm going to start calling you that instead."

"No you are not."


I started to walk away from him.  I started walking backwards and stuck my toungue out at him.  I tripped and fell laying on my back.  He rushed over and leaned over top of me.  His mouth was so close to mine I coul smell his minty breathe.

"Yes I am." 


He smiled.  He moved his lips even closer to mine.  Everything was perfect this had to be the best moment of my life.

"Okay fine."


"Oh uh nothing."  He immediatly jumped off me and helped me up.



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